Ray J Is Back On The Hunt For Love

Ray J (Getty Images)

Ray J (Getty Images)

Things did not work out so well for R&B star Ray J and winner of ‘For the Love of Ray J‘ Joanna “Cocktail” Hernandez. Their relationship ended quickly once the cameras stopped rolling because, says Ray J, “The longevity in our relationship just wasn’t there.”

So with a new perspective on the kind of woman he should be looking for, Ray J is back on the hunt for new love. VH1’s ‘For the Love of Ray J 2’ (Monday at 9 PM) has kicked off and last week the star gave us a call to talk about his break-up, the challenge of finding love in 28 days, and why his show won’t be like ‘Rock of Love.’

Can you just give me a little rundown about what happened between you and last season’s winner? Why didn’t it work out?

I still got love for that girl, you know? Cocktail is cool. Even though she’s saying a lot of crazy stuff in the media I still got respect and love for her. We just departed. We just went our separate ways. The longevity in our relationship just wasn’t there and we just decided to do our own thing. We had an understanding about that.

How has your experience with Cocktail changed the way you look for love this time around on the show?

My outlook on a woman this time is totally different from last time. I felt like I needed a woman with all the elements — the wild, crazy elements and the classy elements — all of that in one. This time, I’ve got to slow down on the wild crazy elements. I’ve got to slow down on that type of lifestyle with a woman, especially if I want longevity in my relationship. In order to be loyal and to be trustworthy, somebody has to trust you and you have to trust them. It’s hard to do that when you’re always out on the streets.

Do you feel like you have a good group of women who might give you that?

Absolutely. It’s not about the 19 girls. It’s not about the 16 girls. It’s not about 12 girls. It’s about one girl. If 18 girls there who are whacked out and crazy — and that one girl is in there — that’s all I need. Now I just have to narrow it down and do my facts and get my notes together and then go in there and do the right thing.

Are you getting more input from your mom and your sister Brandy? Or are you just going with your gut feeling?

I’m getting support from my whole family, plus some surprise guests. Some of my celebrity friends that ya’ll would never expect to pop up. They’re going to put in their input and have some fun with what is going on. I’m looking forward to everyone witnessing that.

Can you give me a hint or just name one celebrity who is going to be on the show?

I can’t say. VH1 is on the phone with us. But if me and you were just on the line by ourselves – boom I would spill it out.

What made you want to go on this search for “the one”?

I wanted to step up to the challenge. I tell everybody, “Listen we have 28 days to see if something special can come out of a relationship.” We’re not trying to get married in 28 days. We ain’t even trying to fall in love in 28 days. If that happens then great. Meeting a girl and finding someone I can grow with – that’s the challenge.

Do you think that’s possible to develop a real connection with someone in 28 days?

I think you can. You can find a girl that you really like in one day. Then from there you have to spend time and nourish that relationship and take care of it and see where it goes. 28 days is way more, way more than enough time. Way more. Look at Lamar Odom.

So what kind of outrageous fights or drama can we expect for the rest of the season?

I’m not trying to make this like a WWE show. Honestly we have some real fights on this show. Like punching, hitting, and going to the clubs where girls from ‘Rock of Love’ and ‘Real Chance’ were trying to beat up on my girls. I can’t show all that though. I don’t want people to watch my show for the fights or the controversy. I told them to edit all that out.

It will be a few different things as far as drama is concerned in the house. But I won’t expose the girls, play them and put things out on TV that they wouldn’t approve of. I really have respect for all the girls on the show. I don’t want to put them out in a negative light.

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