The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – Week 8

Meghan and Cheyne (CBS)

Meghan and Cheyne (CBS)


Hello Everyone!

Last night’s Episode #8 took our teams to Tallin, Estonia for secret societies, sauna speedbumps, and side-elbow-sabatoge. Confused yet? Then read on! Let’s get started with Today’s Blog!


The show began with teams departing from the Pitstop in Stockholm, Sweden enroute to Tallinn, Estonia. Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy, being the first team to arrive at the Pitstop in the previous episode, were the first to depart. The clue instructed them to travel by ferry boat across the Baltic Sea to Tallin, Estonia.

When the Globetrotters arrived at the ferry dock, they found out that the next ferry did not depart till 5:45pm, which was hours and hours away. This gave the other 4 teams the chance to catch up.

All 5 teams ended up on the same ferry to Estonia, putting everyone back on equal ground. On the ferry, Gary & Matt reflected on their race and strategized as to how they could overcome the SpeedBump which lied ahead for them. Since the father & son were “saved from elimination” in the previous episode, courtesy of this season’s SECOND non-elimination leg, they knew that at some point in this Leg they would be confronted with a SPEEDBUMP —– that is, a time-consuming task that ONLY they would have to complete. In preparation for this daunting task, Matt put on a black headband, to show the other teams he’s a thug like that.

The cruise to Estonia took an entire night. When the ship finally docked, Meghan & Cheyne were the first to rush off and catch a taxi. The first clue of the day instructed teams to head to the building of Mustpeade, the gathering site of a secret society known as the Brotherhood of the Blackheads, where they would need to open a door using keys enclosed with the clue.

Meghan & Cheyne and brothers Sam & Dan were the first to arrive at Mustpeade and successfully opened the door. Once inside, the teams were confronted with a ROADBLOCK.


In this week’s Roadblock, one team member would have to actually join the secret merchant society of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads. [Sidenote – is this the same Society that Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and pretty much all of our other recent Presidents have at some point been a part of? You know, the one where they all dance around naked in the forest chanting and then get elected to world-dominating public positions? Its name started with a “B”……..Ah nevermind!]

[iframe—Uncover-A-Mystery/embed 580 476]

Back to the task — once a team member has joined the society, they must then find a candelabra labeled with a room number and head to that room, where they will find a “blank” scroll. Lastly, they must figure out that the scroll is only readable when held up to a candle.


Cheyne and Sam volunteered to tackle the Roadblock for their respective teams. Cheyne snagged number 73 and Sam took number 112. The two guys then started to work together to find the rooms corresponding with those numbers.


Upon arrival at Mustpeader, Gary & Matt discovered their Speedbump! In this Speed Bump, the duo had to locate a sauna-bus, strip down to a towel, and take a 5-minute sauna break with a few local Estonians. That’s right, it’s a city BUS, with a sauna!

Gary & Matt followed the instructions to the bus and jumped in to sweat it out. As we watched, we wondered what was making Matt sweat more: the intense steam of the sauna or the smoking HOT blonde Estonian girl sitting next to him. Sadly for Matt (and us), the young lady had an extra large towel.

Showing a little antsiness and perhaps anxiety, Matt tried to distract himself from the girl next to him by thinking of things that are COLD. We will kindly allow you to draw your own conclusions here without further explanation. Nonetheless —– Matt said he wished the sauna had a keg fridge!

Soon the 5 minutes were up (as were Matt’s chances with the chick), and the duo RUSHED back into the Race!


Over at the Roadblock, Flight Time successfully made it to the room and acquired the “blank” scroll. Noticing that the scroll was blank, Flight Time decided that a crayon was the key to decoding it, and began coloring on the scroll……to no success in extracting the hidden message. After trying everything he could to read the scroll, Flight Time finally decided to try holding it up to the candle, and he saw the words POP out: PIKK HERMANN TOWER GARDEN.

A lot of online fans tonight have been giving Flight Time a hard time about his “crayon mistake” but, quite honestly, we feel he made an excellent educated guess here. How many vintage mystery movies have you seen where the detective uncovers a message by coloring with chalk or crayon across some sort of parchment? Kudos to Flight Time for a creative attempt!


Matt volunteered to take the Roadblock, read the clue to find a candelabra, and said, “Candelabra? I have no idea what a candelabra is. Am I missing something?” The Brotherhood of the Blackheads mocked poor Matt as he went around the room, asking them if any of them were named “Candelabra.” Eventually, Matt deduced that candelabras involve CANDLES and he snagged a candelabra with a room number.


[iframe—Serve-or-Slink/embed 580 476]


After succeeding at the Roadblock, Meghan & Cheyne and Brian & Ericka arrived at the Pikk Hermann Tower Garden, where they discovered a DETOUR. The choice was SERVE or SLING. In Serve, teams had to strip down to their undies (or bathing suit) and play a game of BOG volleyball against an Estonian team, and successfully score 5 points. In SLING, teams had to use a slingshot to shoot vegetables at a moose target. Once the target was hit, they would receive their next clue.

Meghan & Cheyne barely beat out Brian & Ericka to a taxi cab, which Ericka blamed on Brian’s generosity. She lamented, “I’m going to have to keep Brian in check because I’m more capable of being a dirty player than he is.”


Similary, Flight Time & Big Easy were neck and neck with Sam & Dan for a taxi cab. Once again, Sam & Dan’s resentment of the Globetrotters reared it’s ugly head —– with Sam telling them “Go and find your own way!” and later “They’re not doing anything for themselves. They’re literally just following us.”

[iframe—Im-Stuck/embed 580 476]

Meghan & Cheyne soon arrived at the volleyball challenge, stripped down to bathing suits, and jumped into the KNEE DEEP VOLLEYBALL MUDPIT. Amazingly, the duo scored 5 points with relative ease, scoring their final clue, instructing them to run to the PITSTOP at the Keava Raba Overlook Tower.


Meghan & Cheyne arrived at Phil’s mat and received the news that they were the FIRST PLACE team! For their victory, Phil rewarded the duo with a red cedar sauna. Meghan & Cheyne looked noticeably bewildered as to why Phil slighted them with a sauna, instead of a kick-ass international vacation from Travelocity ;-)

This victory re-asserted Meghan & Cheyne’s dominance of the season thus far. As we are approaching the final 3, the dating couple cannot afford to underestimate Flight Time & Big Easy and Sam & Dan, who are absolutely capable of dethroning them.

Back at the Detour, Sam & Dan and the Globetrotters chose to play half-naked-bog-mud-volleyball, while Brian & Ericak decided to sling vegetables at the moose target. It was pretty funny to watch the married Brian & Ericka slinging radishes, carrots, onions, and potatoes at the moose target!


Despite having difficulty moving in the volleyball mudpits, Sam & Dan and Flight Time & Big Easy finished the challenge within minutes of each other. Literally neck and neck, the brothers and the Globetrotters sprinted along the wooden-plank path to the pitstop. In a moment which will be intensely debated on Amazing Race messageboards this week, something happened involving Dan’s elbow and Flight Time’s body hitting the ground. The camera footage left viewers unclear exactly what went down but we know – FOR SURE – one of potentially two things happened:

(1) Dan threw an ELBOW, tagged Flight Time, knocked Flight Time to the ground, who inadvertently fell into Dan also knocking him down (like dominoes).


(2) Flight Time lost his balance as he ran, inadvertently fell into Dan’s elbow, knocking them both to the ground.

Either way, Sam & Dan and Flight Time & Big Easy arrived at the mat simultaneously, scoring 2nd and 3rd place respectively. Big Easy made it clear that from this point on it’s ON —- saying “We didn’t know that the elbow and the physical stuff was in play. I’m 6’10”, 260 pounds, so we’re gonna do what we gotta do.”


Gary & Matt sadly never recovered from the time they lost back at the Roadblock. When they arrived at the Mat, Phil informed them that they were indeed eliminated. Matt joked about his dismay at the Roadblock, hopefully making it clear to family members watching that he does NOT want any candles for Christmas. Gary emotionally catharsed, “You can’t put a price tag on this experience and being able to spend the time we have together.” Gary then hugged his son and told him he loved him and accepted him just the way he is. It was a sad but truly special moment between them……..


1. Meghan & Cheyne [for the 3rd time this season!]
2. Sam & Dan
3. Flight Time & Big Easy
4. Brian & Ericka
5. Gary & Matt [ELIMINATED]

[iframe—Gaining-Confidence/embed 580 476]


*Talk about an INTENSE episode! The Brothers vs Globetrotters feud went to an all new level tonight. Now that physicality has become a component of their altercations, we are almost scared to see what will happen between them should they butt heads (figuratively or literally) next week. Caution: TRAINWRECK ahead.

*Once again, we saw hints of a “super-alliance” forming between Sam & Dan and Meghan & Cheyne. If they decide to make this marriage official, this could be the only union strong enough to overcome the brute strength and superb teamwork of the Globetrotters.

*After 8 episodes it is a fact: Flight Time & Big Easy has the BEST TEAMWORK of any team in the season. Hand down.

*When Gary told Matt he accepted him “just the way he is” was he hinting at a previous disdain for Matt’s pink hair or his black headband? Kidding aside, this team showed such a genuine spirit throughout the entire game. It was tough to watch them struggle throughout the episode but, as we can atest, those Speedbumps can put a hurtin’ on your psyche and your performance. We salute the father and son for a Race well run, and we look forward to someday meeting this amazing pair!

*Brian & Ericka are hanging in there! Though they have not been first place contenders, they are playing a STEADY race. Should they have a chance to U-TURN another team in a future episode, we could see this team score a surprise spot in the Final 3.

*Between the sauna speedbump and the mudpit-volleyball, this episode ALMOST tied the record for “Most Gratuitous Nudity in a Single Episode of the Amazing Race.” That record still belongs to Episode 5 of Season 14 —— in which every team (and even PHIL) had to take to the streets of Siberia in their undies. If you would like to re-visit the memories, check out our BLOG on that episode.


Each week, is conducting LIVE CHATS with the most recently eliminated team. Many of these chats are quite the EYE-OPENERS… not everything that happens on the Amazing Race makes it onto the televised episodes!

Check back into later this week for the upcoming LIVE CHAT with Gary & Matt….and have your questions READY!


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