Between the Tweets: NPH on the Twitter Train, Gossip Girl Goes GaGa and More!



It’s another day, and another edition of Between the Tweets! Here’s a recap of Monday’s hot TV topics.

The biggest buzz for the day had to be Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) joining Twitter. His friend and internet goddess Felicia Day (@feliciaday) tweeted, “Guess who finally joined Twitter? @ActuallyNPH Yes, that’s the real NPH. He’s new here so be gentle.” NPH responded with, “Felicia Day is popular. She mentions me and Twitter and Kablammo!” Within a couple of hours, he had over 10,000 followers, and overnight, he’s up to 43,000. Twitter royalty and the newest tweeting sensation strike a pose together in this pic shared by NPH.

Day was visiting the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ set where Episode 100 is currently under way.

Following last week’s threesome frenzy, the Twitterverse went GaGa for ‘Gossip Girl’ last night with a guest appearance by music sensation Lady GaGa. @Tomkat86 declared, “Best episode of Gossip Girl! Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” so ties in to the story line! Loved her performance!” @LaineyNuguid thought, “‘Gossip Girl’ was INSANELY good tonight! Lady Gaga is beyond words. I’m going to steal her 30 ft. long dress and wear it around the apt.”

Last night, Twitter also became a forum to remember MTV’s Ken Ober. The host of late 80s quiz show ‘Remote Control’ passed away yesterday at the age of 52. ‘Big Bang Theory’ executive producer Bill Prady (@billprady) shared, “Ken Ober was a friend of a friend and a terrifically nice guy.” As Gen X-ers took a trip down memory lane with the news, @dorothysnarker best put it into words: “Haven’t thought about Remote Control in forever, but Ken Ober’s death makes me nostalgic. Snack Break in memoriam.” Remembered for a set that looked like a basement and categories that included “Brady Physics” and “Dead or Canadian”, Remote Control also marked some of Adam Sandler and Denis Leary’s early work.

Who to follow today: The CW’s @LilMissX could have some goodies to share marking Heather Locklear’s triumphant return to prime time and ‘Melrose Place.’ Also, be sure to follow actor David Richmond-Peck (@richmondpeck), Georgie Sutton on ABC’s ‘V,’ an active tweeter who enthusiastically teases what’s coming up on the sci-fi hit in addition to interacting with fans.

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