‘House’: Foreman’s Family Grows

Omar Epps and Orlando Jones (FOX)

Omar Epps and Orlando Jones (FOX)

Oh, dear. Omar Epps and Orlando Jones will bro down on an upcoming episode of ‘House.’

Dr. Eric Foreman’s long, lost brother turns up in a February episode, and he’ll be played by Orlando Jones, reports EW.

We’ve already seen Foreman’s father (Charles S. Dutton), but now we’ll dig deeper into the doc’s troubled childhood when we meet his brother, Marcus, who’s currently spending some time in the big house. The estranged brothers are reunited the night before Marcus’ parole hearing, in a storyline we expect to be especially Sweeps-tastic.

Who thinks producers should refrain from adding new characters instead of ditching the ones we want–like Cameron?

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Jones was last seen this summer on ABC’s ‘Crash Course‘…which crashed and burned.

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