The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘CSI: Miami,’ ‘V,’ ‘Big Bang’ and More!

The Big Tease

The Big Tease

Curious about what’s coming up on your favorite show? Got burning questions about TV in general? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the address to use/abuse. Here now the scoop!

I’m still stung over Delko leaving, yet still am going to ask: Any ‘CSI: Miami‘ scoop? – Gloria
This scooplet seems pretty harmless: ‘Privileged’ princess Lucy Hale will guest star on a January episode, playing a ridonkulously famous pop star that turns up dead. Sorta. Now speaking of Delko, the same episode finds Calleigh working through some prickly trust issues… with Jesse.

I’m very curious about the cliffhanger ABC’s ‘V‘ is going to leave us with before going on hiatus until March. Do you have any idea what it is? – David
Actually, next Tuesday you can expect cliffhangers, plural, David. “Our fourth episode, which concludes the first chapter of our story, was going to have a gigantic cliffhanger,” Scott Wolf told me. “But we found that there were also personal cliffhangers for some of the major characters.” Newsman Chad, for instance, gets an eyeful when he begins investigating the Visitor-staffed healing centers and the medical marvels employed therein. “Chad winds up uncovering several things, one of which puts him in an extremely difficult position,” Wolf teases. “The stakes in his ‘chess match’ with Anna rise as high as they possibly could.”

Do you know if Leslie Winkle will appear again on ‘The Big Bang Theory‘? – Jecoup
Sara Gilbert thus far is remaining MIA from the current season – which is good news for Ms. Winkle’s bitter rival, Sheldon. The “bad” news for Shel is that in an upcoming episode, a bold nerdette is gonna try to bed him. His reaction to the sitch? Priceless.

Hoping you have some good ‘Lie to Me‘ scoop for us. Also, how is it looking for a complete second season? – Kate
Factoring in a recent ratings uptick and the order of three additional scripts, things are looking “pretty good” for a full-season pickup, one Fox insider tells me. I myself really enjoyed the latest episode, especially when Cal told Eli he would have sacked ‘im if he’d taken the electronics store’s money. I’m now anxious to see the November 30 episode, where Cal risks dredging up some old and very bad habits by working a case at a casino.

Has ‘Private Practice‘ cast a new love interest for Addie? Fans are patiently waiting for the “exact right guy,” as Shonda Rhimes has tweeted. – A.A.
There is no movement on that front because before Addison meets and/or pursues her next big love, she has further introspection ahead of her. As Shonda told me, “The journey Addison is on this season is about figuring out if she’s capable of being different than she has been in the past” when it comes to men. I’ll have more on this topic later this week, in a story about the arrival of Addison’s parents.

Since ‘Medium‘ now airs on Friday night, it is almost impossible to find ratings information. Can you shed some light on how the show is doing? Any spoilers on the rest of the season would just be icing on my proverbial cupcake! – Jan
I try to Tweet a few Friday ratings highlights on Saturday mornings, yet admittedly I take the tried-and-true CBS dramas for granted. Let me atone for that oversight by reporting that ‘Medium’ has been leading its time period in total viewers (averaging 9.17 million) as well as in the key demos. Scoop-wise, the December 4 episode finds Allison’s visions hopefully playing a role in the prevention of a bio-terror attack. Matt Letscher (‘Eli Stone’) guest-stars as a pathologist.

I heard that Eddie McClintock will be on ‘Better Off Ted‘! Will he be a scientist or a corporate guy? – Sarah
He will be… neither. Fresh off his freshman run on Syfy’s ‘Warehouse 13,’ McClintock is playing Ted’s brother, Billy. A fast-talking salesman type, Billy brings chaos into Ted’s life and proves to be a bad influence on Lem and Phil. Eddie is shooting the episode this week, air date TBD. P.S. You read my scoop on Ted and Linda’s new “romances,” yes?

Is it too soon to start campaigning for ‘Glee‘s’ Jane Lynch to win an Emmy? – Kimberley
Not at all! I loved how when the forever snide Sue visited her big sister, Lynch “flipped a switch” and suddenly became all warm and fuzzy. But as Sue would be the first to note, “You think winning an Emmy is hard? Try [fill in the blank].”

We haven’t had many ‘Smallville‘ spoilers regarding Clark. Where does Alia fit in with the whole future story? – Nicole
Alia, the “ninja” who in the season opener warned Clark that he would one day betray and even destroy (!) his home world, can be seen again in this week’s episode, “Pandora.” I’d count on learning a bit more about the badass’ agenda as Lois uncovers her memories from that grim future.

Anything cool coming up on ‘Castle‘? – Bethanny
‘Mad Men’s’ Abigail Spencer – who just landed the female lead opposite David Tennant in a new NBC pilot – gave me a peek at the November 23 episode, in which she and Perrey Reeves (‘Entourage’) clash over a corpse. “Perrey is great to catfight with be she is really tiny,” she said with a laugh. “You can really intimidate her!” As I previously scooped, Reeves plays a dead man’s wife and Spencer his fiancée. But as if that weren’t messy enough a matter, “There is a twist,” Abigail teases.

I am devastated yet not surprised to hear about ‘Dollhouse‘ being canceled. Is there any chance we’ll get a Victor-centric episode before the January 22 finale? – Teri
As a matter of fact, yes. Enver Gjolkaj told me to expect “a lot of reveals about Victor in Episode 9,” which is now slated to air December 18. “We’ll finally find out his backstory” – as well as his real first name. Any guesses?

Do you know what is up with Van Pelt and Rigsby? Is one of them leaving ‘The Mentalist‘? – Paige
What is “up” with Van Pelt and Rigsby is good old-fashioned workplace romance. If you’re worried that will necessitate one of them leaving the CBI, you must not watch many procedurals featuring interoffice hookups I can assure that won’t be the case. At least not right away.

Please give us some scoop on ‘The Good Wife.’ What’s coming up?! – Karen
Next week, just when Peter thought he was out (of the clink), the findings of the evidentiary hearing pull him back in – and make Alicia wonder, perhaps more than ever, if he is in fact guilty of corruption.

I’m a ‘Glee’ fanatic – a music geek and damn proud! I’m now following you on Twitter, Matt. Is that cool? – LaneKent1938
It’s fine as long as with a handle like that, you don’t ever push for ‘Smallville’s’ Clark to cover Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero.” I don’t know if Welling has the pipes.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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