Between the Tweets: Locklear on ‘MP,’ ‘DWTS’ & Love for ‘V’

Morena Baccarin of 'V' (ABC)

Morena Baccarin of 'V' (ABC)

As ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ nears the end of another season, fans flocked to Twitter once the results were in.

Joanna Krupa’s (@joannakrupa) not making the finals was a big topic, with @angylvi tweeting, “Can’t believe tonight’s DWTS elimination. @joannakrupa should be a finalist. America got it wrong big time!” Not all were sad to see Krupa go. @MissMallory2u exclaimed, “I’m so happy Joanna Krupa got voted off DWTS tonight. There’s just something about her that’s not in the least bit likable. She’s so cold.”

There seemed to be a lot of love for Kelly Osbourne (@MissKellyO) for making it to the finals. She addressed the congratulatory tweets by saying, “I think for the first time in my life I am speechless all I can say is thank you!”

Last night also marked the return of Heather Locklear to ‘Melrose Place‘ in an attempt to save the struggling show, although it didn’t command as much attention on Twitter as expected.

The reaction was split between those who were happy to see her back, and those far too distracted by her cosmetic enhancements. @jessicabenner said, “Heather Locklear should have practiced talking with her new mouth for a few more hours before debuting it on TV.”

We were also reminded that the series still remains a guilty pleasure, as stated by @brandonrogersLA: “Just watched melrose place…why on gods earth can’t I stop! Teenage memory flashbacks…and heather locklear has still got it!”

V‘ delivered another solid episode, and the Twitter chatter was almost completely positive.

@tvmadman tweeted, “Holy TWISTS! #Vseries delivers tonight on twists and turns and I love it. Next week should be crazy.” while @jopinionated simply said, “I will never tire of watching Elizabeth Mitchell kick a$$.” @MediaObsessed added some humor to the conversation by tweeting, “Can the son impregnate the alien soon? I want to see their take on the lizard baby, so I can LOL.”

I just had to share an entertaining Celebritweet from Tuesday, a self-deprecating gem from ‘Glee’s’ Chris Colfer (@chriscolfer): “I was so happy the paparazzi caught me in a brand new shirt until I got home and realized the price tag was still on it. FML.”

Who to follow today: ‘Glee‘ is sure to dominate Wednesday night’s Twitter Trends, so check out stars Amber Riley (MsAmberRiley), Jenna Ushkowitz (IJennaUsh) and Kevin McHale (druidDUDE), who will certainly be getting their tweet on!

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