‘Private Practice’ Preview: Addison Gets Parental Guidance



Why is the esteemed and beautiful Dr. Addison Montgomery so unlucky in love? Seriously, does anyone even remember the married cad she nearly bedded last May? (No fair answering, “It was the guy from ‘Cougar Town.’“)

Starting this week, ABC’s ‘Private Practice’ (Thursdays at 10/9c) sheds light on Addison’s rocky romantic track record by shaking her family tree and producing her parents, played by Stephen Collins (‘7th Heaven’) and JoBeth Williams (“Poltergeist”).

“One of the reasons why I really wanted us to meet her parents is because I felt it was time,” ‘Private Practice’ creator Shonda Rhimes tells Fancast.com. “We’ve known Addison for a while” – dating back to her memorable May 2005 introduction on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – “and as you slowly unearth a character, one of the things that reveals the most about them is where they came from.”

Thus far, virtually all insight on Addison’s upbringing came last season via her brother Archer. With Grant Show unavailable for an encore run, Rhimes says she seized the chance to cast “the Captain” and “Bizzy,” aka Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery. Collins makes his first appearance this week, while Williams shows up in the second of two ‘Private Practice’ episodes airing back-to-back on Thursday, December 3.

As hinted in the past, Addison’s relationship with “the Captain” is a prickly one, since during her childhood he would use their “father-daughter” time to carry on with a mistress. When Bizzy herself turns up in Los Angeles, it is revealed that perhaps her hubby never changed his spots.

All told, this upcoming story arc will hint at why Addison has had such difficulty locking onto a healthy, steady romance herself. Perhaps she was, in a way, the product of parental misguidance?

“Meeting both her parents will inform a great deal about Addison’s past with men and her failed relationships,” says Rhimes. “The journey she’s on this season is really about figuring out if she’s capable of being different than she has been.”

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