Between The Tweets: A New ‘ANTM,’ Gleeks Abound & ‘HIMYM’ Gets Musical

Glee (FOX)

Glee (FOX)

Wednesday was huge for TV chatter on Twitter, and it’s no surprise that ‘Glee’ was everyone’s tweetheart, making it the #2 trending topic. it was a tearjerker of an episode with stars Dianna Agron (@alittlelamb) and Cory Monteith (@frankenteen) making everyone break out the tissue. Agron, who is currently in Long Island working on a film, tweeted this following the East Coast airing: “Finished early and the gang here watched tonight’s episode and loved it. I couldn’t stop bragging about all my gleeks. Miss you so much.”

‘Vampire Diaries’ exec producer Julie Plec (@julieplec) was watching, and chimed in, “Just got my weekly happy-cry courtesy of Glee. Love it or hate it, no one can deny the show is special.”

@jesshannah shared, “I think it is a trend that every episode of ‘Glee’ will make me want to laugh, cry, sing and dance at the same time.” Not everyone was thrilled with the more sombre tone of the episode, and the absence of Jane Lynch. @dakinegirl tweeted, “Was really missing Sue on Glee. Too many tearjerking scenes. Bring back the comedy.”

Speaking of music, it seems the cast of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ are working on a musical scene for their 100th episode, as revealed by Alyson Hannigan (@alydenisof) on Twitter. And who better to have as a guest on set than the man behind musical legends like ‘Buffy’: Once More With Feeling and ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog,’ Joss Whedon. Hannigan revealed, “I asked Joss to visit today while we were shooting the musical number. He did. Joss + Musical=FLASHBACKS,” remembering her days as Willow on Buffy. She quickly followed up with, “Anytime I sing, it will be mostly filler,” referring to her self-proclaimed lack of musical talent and one of her only lines in the Buffy musical. Whedon will be returning to the musical format when he directs and upcoming episode of Glee. I cannot wait for HIMYM’s 100th ep. I’m sure it will come certified with the Barney Stinson AWESOME seal of approval.

Another cycle of ‘America’s Next Top Model‘ ended last night, and Nicole Fox was declared the first “petite” champ, which caused some mixed reactions on Twitter. @weeblewobble18 exclaimed, “So Tyra just made the biggest mistake ever! Picking Nicole as their winner! Laura should have won! ANTM why! Boo!” On the other side of the coin, @HeatherKBurge said, “Oh I am soo glad Nicole won ANTM! I think she is the best ever on this show!” The most well-rounded reaction came from @Cirrata: “I was really glad Nicole won ANTM. Laura was so bubbly and sweet but Nicole took stunning pics consistently!”

TV fans were also pleased with ‘Modern Family‘ last night, which featured guest appearances by Edward Norton (@edwardnorton) and Elizabeth Banks (@elizabethbanks). Did I mention Norton is supposed to be the bassist from Spandau Ballet? @mikeproper declared, “I like the simple things in life: give me Edward Norton in a bad wig with an even worse British accent and I’m content.” @BrianD67 shared the formula for this much talked about episode: “Edward Norton + Elizabeth Banks + Spandau Ballet x pitch perfect acting x brilliant writing = Modern Family classic!”

Who to follow today: The cast of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ are always tweeting up a storm when a new episode is on, so be sure to follow Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev), Ian Somerhalder (@iansomerhalder), Katerina Graham (@KaterinaGraham), Zach Roerig (@zgeorge222) and Michael Trevino (@M_Trevino).

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