Conan O’Brien Responds To Kirstie Alley’s Insults

Conan O’Brien heard about Kirstie Alley’s barrage of insults directed at him, so he promised to lay off the heavyset actress.

But he managed to throw in one last joke at her expense.

This week, Alley called out O’Brien on Twitter for making her the butt of several of his jokes on the ‘Tonight Show.’

“I’ll tell you ONE B*TCH I’m gonna knck [sic] out next time I see her is CONAN O’B*TCH O’BRIAN..that guy acts like I bit his d*** off,” she wrote to Star Jones.

O’Brien addressed the insult on last night’s show, where he promised to not make any more jokes at her expense, and said he will instead poke fun at Alan Garcia Perez, the overweight president of Peru. He also showcased clips of all the jokes he had ever featured about her.

But not before throwing in one last swipe at the actress

“My penis is not on the Weight Watchers diet–I looked it up,” he joked. “She can have a shake, one slice of wheat bread and then a sensible penis.”

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