Lou Dobbs Greeted By Mariachi Band On ‘Daily Show’

Lou Dobbs was on ‘The Daily Show‘ last night, where he explained his resignation from CNN, and partook in some serious roasting.

The anchor was greeted on the show by a Mariachi band – a joking swipe at his stance against illegal immigration and outsourcing. The studio audience cheered, and Dobbs laughed as he sat down next to host Jon Stewart.

Dobbs also delved into the reasons why he left the powerful news channel.

“Lou Dobbs! What the hell happened? You quit on air?” asked Stewart.

“I didn’t quit on air, I announced it,” responded Dobbs. “I didn’t come back. CNN and I decided we were going in different directions.”

Stewart then joked, “Who broke up with who? Did you say ‘it’s not you it’s me’?”

“All the language says it was mutual,” said Dobbs. “Jon Klein, the president of CNN told me point blank they were moving away from advocacy journalism, that I practice, to something he called middle-of-the-road journalism. And also neutral.”

“Are you sure it wasn’t adult contemporary journalism? He really said ‘middle-of-the-road journalism?’ A flavorless gruel of journalism?” added Stewart.

Watch the full episode below. The Dobbs clip starts at 13:19:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Daily-Show-With-Jon-Stewart/89142/1335704397/The-Daily-Show-with-Jon-Stewart-111809/embed 580 476]

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