A ‘Cleveland Show’ Thanksgiving Special, Starring Hall & Oates

The Cleveland Show‘ has two very special guests coming up this Sunday on Fox, when 80’s pop stars Daryl Hall and John Oates (Hall & Oates) come by for a visit.

“Basically they play an angel and a devil over Cleveland’s shoulders,” show creator Mike Henry told us about the episode ‘A Brown Thanksgiving.’ “And they give Cleveland conflicting advice on what to do about kind of a touchy situation, if you will, in this episode.”

The show will also include a few jokes at the expense of one of the musical duo’s classic hits. (Could it be “Rich Girl”? Or “Sarah Smile”? You won’t find out until you watch!)

The episode will have a relative of Cleveland’s wife, Auntie Mamma, visiting the family and getting into some romantic escapades with Cleveland’s father, Freight Train (voiced by ‘The Office’ star Craig Robinson). But Cleveland will face a dilemma when he finds out that Mamma has a surprising secret – thus setting the stage for Hall & Oates’ devil and angel characters.

What was it like for the singers to get animated? “It’s a little stretch for me to be an angel, but I can be an actor,” said Hall.

The dueling angel and devil are also no strangers to dueling at the recording studio. “We’re good at having an argument,” said Hall about his band mate. “That’s not a stretch.”

Henry also announced that Carl Reiner will guest star on a special Christmas show, as an 80-year-old man in a nursing home, who just might be a bit of a racist.

Catch ‘A Brown Thanksgiving’ this Sunday night on Fox.

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