Between the Tweets: Vampire Diaries, Project Runway and the Oprah-colypse

Vampire Diaries (The CW)

Vampire Diaries (The CW)

As predicted, Vampire Diaries was once again the Thursday night Twitter hit with its final episode of 2009, a real cliffhanger to keep everyone talking until January. But not everyone realized this was the last they would see of the Salvatore brothers for a while. Julie Plec (@julieplec), who joins the conversation each week, tweeted me with this: “Feeling bad for the tweeters who were wondering where next week’s preview was. Yikes, are they gonna be pissed.”

@ITveee remarked, “Vampire Diaries was incredible tonight. So much happened…so many questions…SO much time to wait for the next episode! GAH! Loved it.” @ProgGrrl commented, “Really good VAMPIRE DIARIES 2nite. Last ep till Jan.  Show finally put its foot down in the TRUE BLOOD camp. Nice balance sexy vs creepy.”

The CW’s @LilMissX also shared this tasty little tweet: “ – Sneak peek behind-the-scenes shot from tonight’s episode of Vampire Diaries!”

In a week of Reality TV wrap-ups, the Project Runway finale had viewers tweeting their reactions, and it was hard to find anyone tweeting a positive reaction to winner Irina Shabayeva (@irinashabayeva). @devil_chic05 expressed her disappointment that “Carol Hannah was ROBBED on Project Runway. Her collection was GORGEOUS! The other two were all monotone…blah.” @kyacathrel was also unhappy with the results, and tweeted, “How can Project Runway allow Irina to win? She was a great designer, but how can they expect her to go far with that kind of attitude?” @mespetitschoux was one of the few who seemed pleased with the results: “Just watched Irina Shabayeva win Project Runway – smart choice judges! This girl is the hard core female interpretation of Alexander Wang!”

News hit Thursday that queen of daytime TV Oprah (@Oprah) will end her very popular talk show in 2011 after 25 years on air, and expand her media empire by launching a cable network, OWN.

Oprah’s expected to make the announcement on today’s episode, and tweeted this morning: “Big Day…tune in my tweet friends.”

Yesterday, it quickly became the hottest TV topic on Twitter, between the fans sad to see an era coming to an end and those who will be glad to see it over at last. @pmcdee1 reflected, “@Oprah, I remember your first show. We’ll miss you, and Chicago just won’t be the same.” There were quite a few apocalypse jokes related to the news as well. @TomStewartRI tweeted, “So Oprah is ending her show in 2011! The Mayans missed that whole ‘end of the world’ prediction by 1 year apparently!”

Who to follow today/this weekend: I’d say if you’re not already one of her millions of followers, @Oprah will possibly address her news on Twitter some time today. And be sure to follow Joseph Gordon-Levitt (@hitRECordJoe), who hosts SNL this weekend.

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