Sci Fi Tracker: This Week In Sci Fi – Josh Friedman Revives A Different Franchise, Terminator Gets (A) Whedon After All, and More…..

Josh Friedman (Getty Images)

Josh Friedman (Getty Images)

This week brings tidings of a couple of major franchise revivals.  Did Whedon win the bemusing bid to be Terminator’s salvation?  Yes and no.  And Josh Friedman signs on to revive an entirely different and unexpected show!  Hint: he’s still on a bad-ass babes kick, only these (probably) aren’t fueled by computer chips or maternal instinct.  (More’s the pity.)

Also, Morris Chestnut knows how to bob, weave and duck, but not just in a warehouse fight:  he’s also got mad skillz in dodging V-related spoiler questions!  Plus:  Doctor Who, Vampire Diaries, and FlashForward theories and sneak peeks.

Bad-Ass Babes (Minus Microchips)

Those of us who’d been breathlessly waiting for TSCC mastermind Josh Friedman’s return to television may be surprised at what life forms he’s chosen to inhabit in his latest reincarnation:  namely three hot female sleuths from the 70s.  Yes, as relayed at Sci Fi Wire, Friedman is signing on to write and executive produce a small screen remake (and big-screen down-sizing) of Charlie’s Angels.  He’ll be sharing EP duties with Drew Barrymore and Leonard Goldberg.

It’s too much to hope that the three villain-thwarting vixens might be cyborgs, right?  OK – what about the prospect of Summer Glau as one of the three leads?  With Lena Headey as Charlie?

Anyone?  Anyone?

You Asked For It, You Got It….Sort Of

Meanwhile, time-traveling forward to the future of the Terminator franchise: after Joss Whedon’s much hyped (albeit tongue in cheek) bid for creative control, turns out there will be a Whedon name attached to a Terminator re-telling, but – as reported by IO9 – it’ll be Joss’ brother Zack in the driver’s seat.  (And the vehicle in question would be a comic book, not a TV series.)

Good news for those who enjoy comic books.  For those whose reactions to Joss’ sarcastic submission had been, “Oh god, I wish Whedon would re-vamp Terminator!”……..let this be a lesson to you about requesting more precise manifestations from the universe.

Morris Proves Tough Chestnut To Crack

At TV Guide, Morris Chestnut discusses the emergence of The Fifth Column on V, and more.  Chestnut tries to throw deflection off the Ryan/Valerie pairing as being the one most likely to spawn that highly anticipated alien-human hybrid.  He’d specifically like to draw your attention to the Lisa and Taylor hookup.  “If it came from Val and myself, it would be obvious,” he argues.  Also, in discussing whether Alan Tudyk’s character is indeed dead, for real, for sure, definitively, and whether Ryan could meet with a similar fate, Chestnut points out:  “They could easily take Ryan’s skin off and put it on another V if that V is dead. There’s a strong possibility that it could not be Dale.”

Meanwhile, this week’s V ep revealed that Anna and Lisa share not only supernatural good looks, but a whole slew of genetically-inherited traits.  What did you think of this week’s big V reveal?

Who’s Back For More?

Den of Geek offers up a comprehensive look at the Doctor Who special, The End of Time – the second of two Who holiday roll-outs on the horizon.  They’ve got the scoop on on which returning characters you can expect during Tennant’s final hours (and to what extent they’ll be involved).

What To Buy The Vamp Diaries Devotee On Your Holiday List!

How ’bout season one tied up in a package with a big shiny bow on it? Or a T-shirt that sucks?

Earlier this week, the CW announced plans for a Vampire Diaries marathon in mid-December.  If that’s not enough of a gift-wrapped treat for the fang fans on your list, the CW’s show page has “Love Sucks” T-shirts, game and an iGoogle theme.

Fans FlashForward To April 29 With Their Own Theories

Sci Fi Wire rounds up the best “Who killed Demetri?” theories on FlashForward.  Not surprisingly, the theories run the gamut, with suspects including Mark, Zoey, Vreede, and no one.  Others argue that he’s not dead because he’s the mole, he’s not dead because he’s gone blind, he’s dead but revived, and so on.

Or, as one clever pundit in the comments section remarks: “Who kills FlashForward’s Demetri?  My guess would be someone named Nielsen.”

And that’s that for this week.

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