After ‘New Moon,’ What’s Next In ‘Eclipse?’

So, The Twilight Saga: New Moon exploded something fierce this weekend, as seemingly everybody in the entire country went to see the love triangle develop between human Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), vampire Edward Cullen (Rob Pattinson) and werewolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner). Now that it’s finally out, Twi-hard talk is going to be turning to the third film, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, currently slated to be released this coming June. The stars recently gave some hints as to whats’ going to happen in the next installment, to be directed this time by David Slade.

“I hardly did any scenes with Taylor,” Pattinson said of New Moon. “We just did the scenes at the beginning and the scenes at the end, and he had his entire storyline develop without me being around, which is interesting because I had no idea where his performance was going. It wasn’t really a competition or anything. It was independent. Whereas, in Eclipse, we did scenes together all the time, with Bella. It really shows the dynamic in that film.”

Stewart elaborated on the next level of fantasy madness coming in Part Three. “Eclipse, just like New Moon, sort of starts and becomes a completely new movie. Just as soon as you think you’re going to get the same story, all of a sudden it completely changes. Bella is much more back to herself. She’s content now. She’s comfortable and self-assured in a way that she wasn’t in New Moon. I think what I really love about Eclipse, what was interesting for me to explore were the different levels of love and acknowledging that the ideals that you maybe had a little while ago aren’t true. Bella is innately honest. That’s something that I feel she is. In Eclipse, she lies to herself and she lies to everyone around her about the fact that she’s in love with Jacob, just not as much. It’s not that extra thing that you can’t really even describe. I loved watching the three of them. I loved playing with the three characters together. There’s a scene where Edward and Jacob, who are mortal enemies, are in a tent with a sleeping Bella in between them. It’s a ridiculous circumstance to find yourself in. We had so much to work with.”

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“Then the effects as well were even more,” she continued to gush. “There’s a big battle that happens and that was more than we had to deal with on New Moon. So it was cool. I’ve always gotten to do things for really short periods of time. To follow a character this long surprises me every time. I can’t wait to do the fourth one because I’m sure that I’m going to come in and say that everything I said this time was wrong, that I actually know Bella more now. Actually, we have such established dynamics. The way that I know Bella deals with Edward, you can’t mess with that. I know how she deals with him. I know how she deals with Jacob. I know how she deals with Charlie, her dad, and to have people come in and help that process out is only cooler. You always get a different perspective. So working with David was like, ‘Okay, lets see what you’ve got.’ He came up with a lot of stuff that I would’ve never thought of, and he’s quite good at the whole technical aspect of movie making, which is so completely over my head. So I got to feel safe that he had that handled and me and Rob and Taylor just sort of did our thing.”

For his part, even though he lost out on love in New Moon, Lautner is still very excited about the next chapter. “Eclipse was my favorite book, so I was really excited to start filming the movie,” he said. “I just love that it’s the height of the love triangle. Twilight develops Edward and Bella’s relationship, New Moon develops Jacob and Bella’s, and in Eclipse the three of them are physically together. It has one of my favorite scenes ever in that movie. The tent scene, where Edward is forced – I guess it was a choice of his – to let me sleep in the same sleeping bag as Bella just so she doesn’t die, because she’s shivering to death and I’m warm. I’m the only thing at that moment that can keep her alive. It’s a funny scene. There’s a lot of ribbing going on between Jacob and Edward. It’s going to be a really good movie and visually stunning. David Slade is incredible visually.”

Of course, the big news was the scheduling conflict that forced Rachelle Lefevre out of the role of the villainous Victoria, to be replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard. It was a surprise to everyone involved. “Yeah, it was a shock, but she’s lovely. She’s really, really nice,” Pattinson said of Howard.

Stewart had more to say about her. “Bryce is scary. She’s really oddly sweet as well. So it’s funny to see her switch back and forth, but Victoria for Bella is like an ever-present fear. Even when Victoria isn’t around, she’s scared that she’s coming back. Bryce is such a good actress and it was easy to be scared of her.”

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