Between The Tweets: The Tweekend With ‘Smallville,’ ‘SNL’ And The AMAs

Smallville (The CW)

Smallville (The CW)

Friday was a huge night for ‘Smallville’ on Twitter. The fact that it was trending on Twitter was nearly talked about more than the episode itself, as shared by @Lessie01: “Smallville taking over the world. And the Twitterverse.”

@foxsyd declared, “The Smallville fans who stuck with the show till now have received the biggest reward in season 9…this season is blowing me away!”

It wasn’t a total Twitter lovefest; @theboogeyman tweeted, “Sigh … Smallville has become terribly pathetic – more and more aliens and apocalyptic rubbish. Whatever happened to the original story??”

‘Saturday Night Live’ managed to attract viewers and attention on Saturday with host Joseph Gordon-Levitt (@hitRECordjoe), a special appearance by former Vice President Al Gore (@algore) and musical guest The Dave Matthews Band (@davematthewsbnd).

The sketches were a far cry from last week’s unfunny turn with January Jones, and lots of people were talking about The Mellow Show, which pokes fun at boys with guitars like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and even Dave Matthews. @am_dub said, “OK SNL has been funny this week, except for the password parody. Dave Matthews impersonating Ozzy and making fun of Dave Matthews=genius.”

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Seth Meyers (@sethmeyers21) sent an early morning tweet to say, “Many thanks to Al Gore for stopping by Update desk tonight. He’s a comedy pro.”

Of course, there was a strong contingent that found most of the show laughless. @RyanMcNutt asked, “What does it say about the quality of SNL this year when Al Gore is your funniest performance of the night?”

Sunday night marked the 37th Annual American Music Awards, and it very quickly dominated all the Top 10 Trending Topics. Just before the show began, there seemed to be quite a few people excited to see Adam Lambert (@adamlambert). Caprica star Alessandra Torresani (@BambolaBambina) tweeted, “Can’t wait to watch @adamlambert close the AMA’s tonight!!!”

Twitter was talking about JLo’s fall, Whitney Houston and Taylor Swift winning Artist of the Year over Michael Jackson, but as the show concluded, most people were tweeting about Glambert and his risqué number.

Many viewers were curious to know if ABC or the AMAs would suffer any repercussions as a result. @shellyleslie asked, “Wonder how many fines ABC will get for the raunchy Adam Lambert perf on AMAs? Ok so he’s trending but will it b worth it 4 AL or ABC?”

What is one person’s controversy is another person’s marketing ploy – Adam Lambert’s debut CD is out today, so was this just a way to boost sales? @conallen tweeted, “I don’t get why people are upset about Adam Lambert’s kiss. It’s the 21st Cent BFD. What bugged me was how it came across as gimmicky.

Very early Monday morning, Lambert sent this message via Twitter: “All hail freedom of expression and artistic integrity. :) Fans: I adore u.”

Oprah still managed to command attention over the weekend since she announced the end of her popular talk show. A chuckle worthy tweet came from a man who knows a thing or two about setting an end date – Lost showrunner Damon Lindelof (@DamonLindelof): “Golly, Oprah – Announcing an end date for your show? Where’d you get THAT idea? I kid. Kinda.”

Who to follow today: Tonight marks the return of Slapsgiving on ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ so be sure to check out Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH), Alyson Hannigan (@alydenisof) and Carter Bays (@CarterBays).

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