Build-Your-Own-DVD With Adult Swim

Have you ever wanted to create and customize your very own DVD, with your selections of your favorite episodes? Well now you can, in a revolutionary new program from Adult Swim. This revolutionary initiative is available on the television network’s online retail shop, and marks the first-time DVD fans will be able to create a fully-customizable DVD release.

The first phase of the Adult Swim’s Build a Custom DVD program has launched with approximately 100 episodes of popular Adult Swim original series including ‘Robot Chicken,’ ‘Aqua Teen Hunger Force,’ ‘The Venture. Bros.,’ ‘Sealab 2021,’ and many more.

Upon visiting the site, fans will go through a four-step process to create their disc: Build It, Design It Review It and Buy It. In the “Build It” section, fans mix and match their favorite episodes across all series and upload them on to a 110-minute DVD. Once the content is selected, they move on to the “Design It” section, where they select artwork for the DVD case, menus and disc face, as well as come up with a clever DVD name and description. In the “Review It” section, fans confirm all of the details before getting ready to “Buy It.” The DVD will be available for a flat rate of $20 and will be created and shipped out to its recipient within 48 hours. In time for the holidays, the program will be expanded to include every episode in the Adult Swim originals library, which accounts for more than 1000 episodes across over 30 series.

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