Heaven Help Us! ‘V’ Star Previews Fall Finale

Joel Gretsch and Elizabeth Mitchell (ABC)

Joel Gretsch and Elizabeth Mitchell (ABC)

Tonight at 8/7c, ABC’s ‘V‘ lets loose with its fourth episode, aka the “fall finale” that will hit viewers with several twists and a closing image that will (hopefully) keep everyone buzzing until the series’ March 2010 return. Joel Gretsch shared a look at what’s ahead for Father Jack – the resistance fighter who puts the God in ‘V’s’ OMG moments – FBI agent Erica, and the rest.

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Erica, Georgie, Ryan and Father Jack – these are the four people that are going to save the world?
What a resistance team, huh? Hey, it’s a start. But we have a lot to do, that’s for sure.

Is Ryan quick to reveal his true V self, or does he tuck that information away for a later time?
We ended the last episode sitting around and talking, and that’s where we pick it up. But yeah, there is a lot to deal with – and thank goodness everyone is coming with different kinds of information. Ryan brings a lot to the table.

Father Jack has proven to be a bit of an action-hero priest. Why is he so vested in this cause?
What I love about Father Jack is that he has strong beliefs, and right from the get go he has been questioning of the V’s. He feels like he is protecting a lot – not just peoples’ relationships to God but also,  we now see, their lives. So the stakes are high.

Might he have unique resources to tap into as the series goes on?
Absolutely. The one thing you get wind of tonight is Father Jack’s past, and it’s more complex than what meets the eye. Before he showed up at this congregation, he had a past that will be informative to where he’s going.

In the real world, has the Catholic Church ever expressed a stance on extraterrestrial life?
I don’t know. What do you think?

I suspect that as long as people keep attending mass every week, it’s all good.
Do you think there are other life forms out there, Matt?

Absolutely. In fact I am counting on it. Speaking of things Father Jack perhaps shouldn’t involved in, a growing group of fans are wanting him and Erica to hook up. But might Season 1 be a bit early for that?
Yeah. It is an interesting dynamic they have. It’s a very intimate relationship when you don’t trust anybody else except this other person. But he is a man of the cloth….

Plus, like with ’24,’ there simply might not ever be time for the two of them to pursue that.
Exactly. I remember talking to [‘V’ executive producer] Scott Peters even before we shot the pilot, and he said, “Just remember – Father Jack is a man.” I’ve researched people becoming priests and what it takes for somebody to do that, and it’s very extensive. And they make sure that you have questioned every aspect of yourself before you take that final step. But never negate that Father Jack is a man underneath it all.

Besides, real priests aren’t spending extended periods of time in close proximity to the likes of Elizabeth Mitchell.
[Laughs] That is true. She is one of a kind. I said to my wife after the second episode, “This is just ridiculous,” because Elizabeth is beyond terrific. She is generous, professional, supportive….

Yeah, no diva antics with her.
Oh my god, she should be the template for every actor out there – man or woman.

Tease some of the cliffhangers we’ll be getting in this fall finale.
We definitely ramped up to the finale, so there is a lot going on. We’ve formed a resistance, you can see where [Erica’s son] Logan is going, you see the dynamic happening with Anna….

Have you seen the script for Episode 5 yet?
No, I have not.

Do you wish you were heading back into production sooner than January?
I know there are a lot of fans who are going to be disappointed that we’re not going to be continuing [right away], but it’s worked out really quite well. We got to tell an amount of story that we ordinarily would not have been able to, because we’re doing this “pod” [scheduling], and the way we leave off will have everyone very excited to come back in March. The story will be exploding in many different directions.

And as someone who was on ‘The 4400,’ you know all about unorthodox scheduling!
Yes, that is true!

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