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Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

As is often the case with ‘Desperate Housewives‘ and the introduction of a new family, my patience is being tried by the Bolens’ “big secret.” When will we find out what they are running from? – Sandy
Yeah, Papa Nick’s cryptic, could-be-interpreted-two-ways phone call to “Agent Padilla” – followed soon after by the waitress’ murder – jerked our chain a bit much. I asked Beau Mirchoff (aka Danny Bolen) when we can expect solid intel on the mystery clan. He said, “In the next few episodes, it will become more clear” why they are hiding out on Wisteria Lane – and it’s not necessarily for nefarious reasons. Before that reveal happens, Angie will attempt to relocate her brood, “but an event happens that puts our family in an awkward position,” says Mirchoff.

I noticed that after one more new episode in November and a couple of December repeats, ‘Lie to Me‘ is off Fox’s schedule at least through February 1. Please say it ain’t so! Also, got anything juicy on the growing relationship between Cal and Gillian? – Lisa
Fox hasn’t firmed up its winter schedule just yet, so I can’t vouch for that “February 1” date. But I must correct you by noting that there are new episodes airing November 30 and December 14. As for Cal’s future with Gillian, don’t count out his ex-wife Zoe (played by Jennifer Beals) just yet. After all, she will be the one in a position to save the doc’s bacon when he gets himself checked into a loony bin… and then has trouble getting out. UPDATE: According to Fox’s now-released midseason schedule, ‘Lie to Me’ has been picked up for a full season and will air its winter finale December 14. It will then return sometime in the spring.

Your frenemy Kristin reported on an upcoming ‘One Tree Hill‘ suicide. Do you have details on who? – Cory
Only that this person has shown hints of being emotionally unstable and, if successful, the suicide would impact several characters on the show. Speaking of ‘Tree Hill,’ did you also hear that someone might be leaving us in a non-fatal manner? And that he might not making the move alone?

Matt, I’m so glad to find you here on! My questions are about Season 3 of ‘Damages.’ In the finale, Ellen mentioned a new job offer. Does she really leave Hewes & Associates? Is Patty going to survive without her? And finally, is FX going to announce the exact date ‘Damages’ returns? – Roberta
nd I am glad to be found! Spread the word. Now about ‘Damages’: A source tells me that when Season 3 picks up, Ellen will still be fighting for justice, but on behalf of the public sector. That has left Patty in a state of denial, seeing as she has left Ellen’s office untouched – even months after her exit. But have no fear; I have it on good authority that the events of Season 3 (an announced premiere date is imminent) will find a way to reunite Patty and her protégé.

The sexual tension between Castle and Beckett is starting to heat up. When are these two going to hook up?! – Mike
C’mon now, the show just started in the grand scheme of things. And the would-be couple’s first major hurdle is still looming on the horizon: Castle’s ex-wife, to be played by ‘Charmed’ one Alyssa Milano. When she surprisingly emerges as part of a murder case, poor Beckett will be left to wonder if Castle still has feelings for his former missus. Me: Well of course he does, it’s Alyssa frickin’ Milano!

I now interrupt this week’s column to introduce a new feature called The Biggest Tease: Which character from an ABC series is going to hit the stage as a pole-dancer in order to confront someone about their strip-club habit? A tease indeed! Now back to your questions…

Thanks for the Q&A with ‘Modern Family’s’ Ty Burrell and scoop on Fred Willard. Got any scoop on what else is coming up? – Larry
As you may have gleaned from the current promo, there’s a birthday party going on this week, prompting Cameron to bust out his old “Fizbo the Clown” costume. The only problem with that is party host Phil “has a terrible fear of clowns,” Ty told me, “so there is a lot of hyperventilating!”

I’m dying for some scoop about ‘Greek,’ particularly where Cappie and Casey are going now that they’re together. – Joanie
Cappie for one appears to be going nowhere. At least, that is Casey’s utmost concern as her own graduation nears while her beau has yet to even declare a major. Casey’s anxiety is only amplified when she meets Cappie’s parents, an extremely granola pair – played by Lea Thompson (‘Back to the Future’) and Jim Abele (’24’) – who see no reason for their son to “rush” his college experience.

Any idea when somebody other then Alicia on ‘The Good Wife‘ is getting an actual storyline? – shinygilmore via Twitter
How about something on The Good Son? Because Zach’s got some juicy stuff coming up as his Hardy Boys-esque investigation delves deeper into the origin of the photos someone’s been trying to send his mom. Or, if ‘Twilight’ madness has fatigued you on teens, I have this about The Good Boss: Diane (Christine Baranksi) soon will weigh an unexpected career opportunity – one that would take her away from the firm. And no, the opportunity isn’t a full-time role on ‘Big Bang Theory.’

Is the ‘V‘ fall cliffhanger good enough to bring people back three months later? – James
Remember what I said last week, that the fall finale features multiple cliffhangers. Specifically, there are five twists I am forbidden from telling you about. One of them, actually, I could not begin to do justice… if only because the rough cut I saw didn’t feature a lick of the special effects needed for the potentially stupefying scene. So I’ll be experiencing that jaw-dropper for the first time with y’all tonight! See related Q&A with Joel Gretsch.

Scheduling the final season of ‘Lost’ for Tuesdays at 9 means ‘V’ then ‘Lost’? Nerd night. Nice! – Tom via Twitter
Nerd-tastic, yes, but perhaps not precisely the way you think. Variety, for one, is hearing that upon its March return ‘V’ will air Tuesdays at 10/9c, leading out of ‘Lost.’ In such a scenario, I’m guessing that ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Better Off Ted’ would kick off the night. None of the above is even close to being official, however.

Please tell me there’s more hotness ahead for ‘Melrose Place’s‘ David and Lauren! I am so glad they finally kissed. – Jess
In typical sudser fashion, this pairing stands to be waylaid by the none-too-tiny secret of Doctor Feel-Good’s side job as high-priced call girl. That bombshell is likely to explode when Naill Matter (‘Eureka’) returns for two episodes (starting December 2) as Lauren’s very first client, Rick.

I’m a huge fan of ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ and for some reason have a fascination with the character of Jeremy. I have heard rumors that he’s going to die in the first season; is that true? – Kasey
Ouch, killing Elena’s brother would be rather harsh – though not unheard of for this moody little series. For the time being, an insider tells me, “Jeremy is safer than most, but not danger-free.”

How is ‘Heroes‘ doing in the ratings, factoring in DVR playback? – sheindie via Twitter
At last tally, NBC’s frequently picked-on sci-fi series enjoyed a 25 percent gain in viewers – the seventh-largest percent increase of any program – hitting 7.22 million. Don’t forget, next Monday is the fall finale, and it featured a death and the introduction of a new hero I will dub Xerox Man.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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