Adam Lambert On Racy ‘AMA’ Performance: “I Got Carried Away”

Adam Lambert opened up about his racy American Music Awards performance on CBS’s ‘The Early Show‘ this morning, confessing “I got carried away. It was not what I intended.”

The controversial performance – which had him crotch-grabbing and kissing back-up dancers who were decked out in S&M costumes – caused ABC to drop him from a scheduled appearance on ‘Good Morning America‘ Wednesday, allowing ‘The Early Show’ to swoop in and snatch him up.

When asked by interviewer Maggie Rodriguez whether he was concerned about the offensive nature of his performance, specifically to children who may have been watching, Lambert coyly responded “I’m not a babysitter. I’m a performer.”

Lambert went on to add “Children — it didn’t enter my mind. Sometimes I forget there’s a camera on. I come from the theater; I look at the audience in front of me, which was filled with adults.”

The ‘American Idol‘ runner-up admits he thought the whole controversy had more to do with him being a gay male than with the sexual nature of the dancing.

“If it had been a female performer doing those things up on the stage I don’t think there would be nearly as much outrage,” he added, and pointed out that Janet Jackson’s AMA performance also included crotch-grabs, and Eminem rapped about 17 rapes.

“If you had it to do over would you do anything differently?” asked Rodriguez. “I would sing it a little better,”  Lambert responded.

Watch a clip of Lambert’s AMA performance below:

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