Between the Tweets: Osmond Wins ‘DWTS,’ Lambert ABC Uproar & More

Kym Johnson and Donny Osmond (ABC)

Kym Johnson and Donny Osmond (ABC)

Last night’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ finale attracted over 20 million viewers as it crowned Donny Osmond (@donnyosmond) this season’s champ, and he showed his gratitude with this tweet : “We won! And, we couldn’t have done this without you. What an amazing journey! I’ll be talking about this for a long time.”

Fans of Osmond were quick to share their thoughts on Twitter following the win. @Elsie1960 said, “So happy for Donny winning DWTS! Fun having big smiles come to my face these past few months remembering my former puppy love of my dreams.” @_leelee_ wondered, “Is anyone really surprised about Donny Osmond winning DWTS? After all, he pretty much grew up on stage-for better or worse.”

And there were many surprised fans, especially among the Kelly Osbourne (MissKellyO) fans. Viewer @MikeCeceri tweeted, “BOO! Donny should not have won DWTS … cheater worked with coach for a year leading up to it. Kelly Osbourne was the true spirit of the show!” @AlejaAngel expressed her surprise at Osmond taking it: “I can’t believe Donny Osmond won DWTS! Kelly deserved it, hands down. Mya was amazing but already a dancer. Team Kelly :)”

Actress, hockey wife and mom Candace Cameron Bure (@candacecbure) had this to say: “OK, seriously … why did I TOTALLY tear up watching Kelly on DWTS and seeing her journey on the show?”

Osbourne’s tweet after the show was very simple and sweet: “I had so much fun tonight thank you for voting for me and allowing me to turn into a lady I could not have done this without you!”

Second place winner Mya (MissMya) also addressed Twitter following the finale: “Hey guys. Thank u so much4all of the support! I’m so happy2 have come so far2the finals&be able2share a fraction of myself w/u! Cheers!!!”

Tuesday night also marked the fall finale of ‘V,’ which is on hiatus until March. Fans of the show used Twitter as a forum to gripe about the long wait until the next new ep, and express fears that it could lead to the series’ demise. @MissFlipper had this to say: “Total awesomeness #vseries. I can’t understand why the ratings are going down and after that hiatus, that’ll kill it. Thanx ABC.

A common thread that also had everyone talking was related to another way that ‘V’ has mirrored current events and conspiracy theories, this time regarding the flu shot. @djkeng tweeted, “Nice. Flu vaccine. No playing into public paranoia at all there,” then followed it up with, “I can hear it at school tomorrow. ‘I’m not getting the H1N1 shot.”

Twitter became a forum for protest yesterday in response to ABC canceling Adam Lambert’s (@adamlambert) ‘Good Morning America’ (@GMA) appearance following his performance on the AMAs Sunday. Supporters unleashed a monsoon of tweets using the hashtag #ShameonyouABC.

@benatusa tweeted, “#ShameonyouABC Adam Lambert deserves the equality. When it comes to Lady Gaga, Britney & Madonna, it’s called sexy. Why? Shame on ABC.” @n2feelnfit piped in with “#ShameonyouABC for cancelling @adamlambert. Adam Lambert is brilliant and made AMAs show worth watching!

Even those who aren’t necessarily fans of Lambert shared their opinions on the matter. @Izzymyster tweeted, “#ShameonyouABC Really? I don’t like Adam Lambert but kissing a guy on stage isn’t reason to cancel him. Now CBS will steal your ratings,” referring to the fact that ‘The Early Show’ snapped up Lambert for an appearance Wednesday morning.

Who To Follow Today: With a new episode of ‘Cougar Town’ on this evening, I’d recommend checking out Busy Philipps (@Busyphilipps25) whose tweets are always a hoot, and the man behind the show, creator Bill Lawrence (@VDOOZER).

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