Between The Tweets: Full Of ‘Glee,’ ‘Criminal Minds’ 100th Ep!

Glee (FOX)

Glee (FOX)

Glee‘ was once again the tweetheart of the Twitter ball on Wednesday night. With the Thanksgiving holiday gearing up, many families watched last night’s ep together, which led to one of my fave tweets last night, from @GMMRTV: “Ha ha! Listening to my mom explain the whole Puck/Quinn/Finn babygate situation to my Dad & Grams. Love it!”

Fans aren’t happy that next week’s episode is going to be the last until the spring. @chickybaby expressed it best: “Still can’t believe Glee is going on a 4 month hiatus. Pretty sure bears don’t even hibernate for that long.”

Those who weren’t talking about ‘Glee’ were engaging in a Twitter therapy session following the heartbreaking 100th episode of ‘Criminal Minds.’

@andrewtwhite commented with, “Just watched the 100th episode of Criminal Minds. Oh my gosh! I haven’t exhaled in an hour! That was SOOO intense.”

@ryan_the_great said, “Just watched Criminal Minds. All I can say is wow that was 1 of the best episodes in the history of the show. It was difficult to watch. Just wow.”

@katee_love also shared her thoughts on it: “OMG CRIMINAL MINDS TONIGHT TOTALLY BLEW MY MIND. I’ve been bawling for the past 20 minutes.”

There was a small contingent of Tweeters who were disappointed with the landmark episode, including @ShempLabs: “Not that impressed by the 100th episode of Criminal Minds. I have to say, it seemed a little formulaic. I was looking forward to it too.”

Who To Follow Today: I’m going to forego the “who to follow” today and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! And if you’re going to spend some time in front of the TV today, I recommend taking some time out to watch the classic ‘WKRP in Cincinnati‘ Thanksgiving episode, “Turkeys Away.”

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