Ratings Report Card: ‘AMA’s’ Make Sweet Music This Week

2009 American Music Awards (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

2009 American Music Awards (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The awards-show format is not dead. ABC has proven that two weeks in row, this time pulling off rather spectacular ratings with last Sunday night’s presentation of ‘The American Music Awards.’

Sure, Adam Lambert may have gotten a little, uh shall we say impulsive, but the demo ratings on this three-hour trophy tour were no turkey, impressively smashing ‘Sunday Night Football’ where it counts – the adult 18-49 demo.

In fact, it was the biggest ‘AMAs’ audience since 2002.

And the Alphabet kept up the momentum on Monday and Tuesday night, with Donny Osmond’s winning pirouette on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ – er, turn, dudes turn, they don’t pirouette – leading the network to yet more ratings victories.

After that, of course, we went into Turkey Day and re-runs – most of the regulars were off Thursday, for example. But there were still plenty of fresh episodes to grade. Here’s a look at how most of your favorite network shows did this week.

THE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS (ABC) — No matter where you stand regarding Adam Lambert’s crotch, the ‘AMAs’ did what few others can – take down NBC’s Sunday-night football juggernaut. Three-hour music awards show averaged a 6.1 demo score during the 9 o’clock hour.

DANCING WITH THE STARS (ABC) — Maybe ABC should start thinking about putting Donny Osmond into some kind of regular weekly variety show. Donny’s victory dance led the Alphabet to ratings victories on both Monday and Tuesday nights, with the show averaging nearly 20 million viewers over four hours of prime time.

NCIS (CBS) — Averaged 20.2 million viewers and a 4.4 demo rating – its best marks since the season started – but it still wasn’t enough to hold off ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

NCIS:LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Baby ‘NCIS’ actually managed to hold off Donny Osmond and Co. in the adult demo race at 9 o’clock, scoring a 4.3 rating.

THE BIG BANG THEORY (CBS) — Nobody told Grademaster, himself a total ‘Battlestar’ geek, that Katee Sackhoff was going to be on — and in a bathtub scene, no less. He ended up being one of the few left out. Monday’s show averaged its usual 14.1 million viewers and scored its typically awesome 5.2 demo rating.

SURVIVOR SAMOA (CBS) – Like Detroit Lions football, a Turkey Day tradition – averaged 10 million and a 3.0 rating as the only regular series besides ‘Leno’ airing originals on Thursday. Good for the whole family.

HOUSE (Fox)— Donny O took Dr. Gregory T. right off his game – 11.9 million-viewer average and 4.5 demo rating both below season average. Still won the 8 p.m. Monday time period in adults.

CSI: MIAMI (CBS)—Averaged 13.2 million viewers and a 3.7 adult demo rating going up against ‘Leno’ and ‘Castle.’ Grademaster wants to pitch a 10 o’clock drama.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (CBS) — Episode featuring Barney’s fourth slap delivered 8.8 million viewers.

THE FORGOTTEN (ABC) – Sometimes doing nothing is best. Gets “B” grade for sitting out this week and letting ‘Dancing with the Stars’ take its hour. ABC ended up getting its best ratings of the season.

LIE TO ME (Fox) – Third place ahead of NBC’s ‘Trauma’ Monday. Never spectacular, but always solid enough in 18-49s. It’s consistency like this that helped Fox win November sweeps… well, that and baseball.

THE BIGGEST LOSER (NBC) — Ah, nothing like a reality show themed around weight loss to get Grademaster in the mood for pumpkin pie! Two-hour Night-before-Thanksgiving ‘Where Are They Now’ episode won the 8 o’clock hour on a light viewing night, averaging 7.7 million viewers; a 2.6 in the adult demo during the 8 o’clock hour was a winner.

CRIMINAL MINDS (CBS) Average audience of 13.5 million viewers postponed Thanksgiving road trip to grandmas to watch BAU team take down the “Reaper.” Won the Wednesday with a 3.3 demo rating. Good numbers on a night when not many people are watching television.

CSI: NY (CBS) – Averaged 12.6 million viewers and scored a 2.6 adult demo rating Wednesday at 10. Ho-hum numbers on a ho-hum TV night.

CASTLE (ABC) – Averaged 10.5 million viewers this week.

ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE (CBS) — Accidentally lost another 10% of ‘Mother’s’ lead-in.

THE GOOD WIFE (CBS) — Trampled under hoof by ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ in demos. Still managed to average 12.5 million viewers, about what it’s been doing.

GLEE (Fox) — Possible upgrade pending measurement of DVR usage. Youthful ‘Glee’ audience had places to go and be on Wednesday night. Preliminary measurements show only 6.1 million people watched the show — way below average.

MODERN FAMILY (ABC) — Another incomplete. Nielsen combined full-hour rating with ‘Cougar Town’ for an unimpressive 6.3 million viewers. Grademaster still has it on his DVR, too.

V (ABC) — The bleeding might be done — alien-invasion series flat with last week after two miserable slides.

TRAUMA (NBC)  — The network continues to pound away at the chest of this rookie, having ordered three more episodes last week. But 5.3 million viewers and fourth place is no reward for the surprise decision to keep it on the schedule next year.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE (Fox) — So you think someone could watch? Averaged 4.9 million viewers Wednesday — sure,  night before Thanksgiving, but still, that’s not a good number.

THE JAY LENO SHOW (NBC) — Has maintained or built on its adult demo scores the last 11 episodes. How he’s doing it Grademaster doesn’t know. Guest list this week: NBA analyst Charles Barkley, NFL analyst Jimmie Johnson and the guy who got booted off ‘Biggest Loser.’ Nope, can’t see them on television enough.

HEROES (NBC) — This time it beat ‘Leno’ with 5.2 million loyal (blindly?) viewers averaged.

EASTWICK (ABC) — Didn’t just lose to ‘Leno,’ lost big, 5.1 million viewers to 3.6 million.

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.

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