Between The Tweets: Lithgow Creep-Out, ‘Amazing Race’ Upset & ‘Vampire Diaries’ Casting News

John Lithgow (Dexter)

John Lithgow (Showtime)

Season 4 of Showtime’s ‘Dexter’ is nearing its end, and John Lithgow (@John_Lithgow) continues to deliver a brilliantly disturbing performance as The Trinity Killer, so much that he commented on his work last night on Twitter. He first tweeted, “Omigod. Can you imagine watching yourself playing those scenes on #Dexter? Nightmares tonight,” then followed up with “Trinity on #Dexter: he sings, he dances, he weeps, he kills. He even creeps me out. And I’m him. Unsettling.” @geekjive added, “And that is how you know #Dexter was good – even @John_Lithgow was creeped out by his performance!”

There’s a great chance Lithgow could earn an Emmy nomination, and fans of the show agree. @marklawler80 tweeted, “Good god #Dexter is such a good show. @John_Lithgow should win a best supporting actor Emmy for his performance this season. So amazing.” @Frisky_Dingo198 commented, “John Lithgow deserves an Emmy for his awesome role on Dexter…such a great season,” while @jboursaw simply said, “Just give John Lithgow the Emmy right now.”

I think @jameskupka had the right idea when he tweeted, “Trinity creeps me out so much I have to pause & take a little walk around the house every couple minutes. Gaaah!”

The Harlem Globetrotters were eliminated from ‘The Amazing Race’ last night, and viewers were quick to tweet their disappointment. @SallyEclectic was sad that the Globetrotters were no longer in the running: “We’ll miss you Flight Time and Big Easy. #AmazingRace won’t be the same without you guys!” @JohnTroynousky was quick to write off this season: “Looking forward to the next season of #AmazingRace after tonight’s episode…the only team worth rooting for has just been eliminated.”

Fans of the show were also quite vocal on Twitter on their strong dislike of brothers Dan and Sam. @feistycali tweeted, “I’m so upset Globetrotters got eliminated, don’t know if I’ll watch the finals, especially since the brothers are still in it, while @Nyk29 was quick to say, “Sam and Dan are the absolute rudest people ever! They don’t deserve to win anything!! Unbelievable.”

Some news for ‘The Vampire Diaries’ fans – Sunday night, @tvdnews tweeted this: “Um, what’s this about Kelly Hu on Vampire Diaries…?” Sure enough, upon checking Hu’s Twitter account (@33Edge), it was confirmed: “1st time in Atlanta 2 shoot Vampire Diaries. Thot I was going 2 get mugged walking home from Whole Foods. That’s ok, I know karate.”

Who To Follow Today: I’d have to go with ‘House’ Producing Director Greg Yaitanes (@GregYaitanes), who had this to share with his followers on Twitter: “First three minutes of Monday’s Wilson-centric episode! This will be our last new episode for about two months.”

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