‘House’ Star Confronts His “Worst Nightmare”

Robert Sean Leonard on House (FOX)

Robert Sean Leonard on House (FOX)

This Monday’s episode of ‘House‘ (8/7c, FOX) finds Wilson front and center. And Robert Sean Leonard was none to happy about it.

“Oh, no, it’s my worst nightmare,” the actor tells Fancast.com.

“When I read this pilot [for ‘House’],” he goes on to explain, “the other pilot I was considering was ‘Numb3rs.’ But when I read ‘Numb3rs,’ I thought, ‘This is way too many scenes. It’s way too hard, and I’m not interested.’ And then I read ‘House,’ and Wilson was in about three scenes. I thought, ‘This is perfect. I’m the Carlton-the-Doorman of my show.'”

“I’m not the most ambitious guy,” Leonard admits with a chuckle. “It’s good to be the lead of a show for a week, but… I like my role the way it is.”

What brings Wilson to the fore in this episode is the arrival of an old friend (Josh Malina, ‘The West Wing‘) who gets checked into Princeton Plainsboro with what might or might not be cancer. Wilson hopes his pal is disease-free, but House is inclined to differ.

“It’s a personal case for me,” says Leonard. “I have some moral decisions to make throughout the show.”

The shift in focus affords ‘House’ fans the chance to at long last check out Wilson’s own sandbox.

“My office next to House’s is just my office, so there’s a whole floor where I work in oncology,” Leonard says. “You see my assistant (played by Christina Vidal), who you’ve never met. You see that I have my own patients, my own day that doesn’t include House…. You basically follow Wilson around and see what his life is like.”

Then in the next new episode of ‘House,’ it’s back to business as usual, with Wilson doing his best to be the ornery House’s best friend. And that even includes shopping around for a new apartment to share.

“[House] has a deal with his psychiatrist that… was kind of dependent on him having someone to look after him,” says Leonard. “So I think we’re in ‘Felix and Oscar’ mode a little while longer.”

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