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Last night’s Episode #10 of ‘The Amazing Race‘ continued in Prague, Czech Republic —- as the teams raced for a coveted spot in the Final 3! We also saw the sad demise of one of the strongest teams in the history of the series. Let’s get started with today’s BLOG……….


The show began with teams departing from the Pitstop in Prague, Czech Republic. Since the teams were remaining in Prague, no flights or airports were necessary in this episode. Meghan & Cheyne, being the first team to arrive at the Pitstop in the previous episode, were the first to depart. The first clue of the day instructed teams to head to the Spanish Synagogue, which is Prague’s oldest Jewish establishment.

Meghan & Cheyne arrived at the Synagogue with ease and found the next clue, instructing them to travel to the Ekotechnicke Museum.

With their usual huge lead, Meghan & Cheyne arrived at the Museum where they were confronted by a ROADBLOCK.

[iframe—Kryocentrum/embed 580 476]


In this week’s Roadblock, one team member would first need to search a warehouse full of annoying RINGING telephones for the 5 phones that actually had a person on the other line. Those 5 phones would each reveal 1 letter. Once the team member had discerned the 5 letters, they had to go into an office, fill out an employment form, and unscramble the 5 letters to form the word “Franz.” If they scored the correct word, the supervisor would approve their application and give them the next clue.

The warehouse was truly SPOOKY! It was very dark and just felt cold, antiquated, and abandoned.

Meghan volunteered for the task and immediately began picking up phones to find the 5 letters. One by one, she discovered the letters until she had all 5, and then made her into the office where the intimidating supervisor awaited.

Meghan was shocked when she laid eyes on the form. The form asked for things like full name, height, weight, shoe size, date of birth, etc. It was apparent that the form was designed to mentally DISTRACT and CONFUSE the teams as they tried to unscramble the 5 letters.

After filling out the form for the first time, Meghan turned it in to the supervisor, who took a look at it before whipping out his stamper and stamping GIANT RED X’s all over the sheet, indicating that the unscrambled word was NOT correct.

It was back to square one for Meghan, as the supervisor handed her an entire NEW form to fill out and to attempt to unscramble the word.

One her second try, Meghan guessed that the word was “FRANZ!” When she turned in the sheet, although the supervisor did not even break a smile, he stamped her sheet as CORRECT and gave her the next clue —- instructing her and Cheyne to head to the Kryocentrum.

Soonafter, brothers Sam & Dan arrived at the Museum and Dan volunteered for the Roadblock. As a pre-emptive measure, Sam told Dan to please “not get frustrated.” Dan began to check the telephones and discern the letters one by one. Big Easy then walked into the Museum to start the task for his team.

After discovering all 5 letters, Dan went into the office and began filling out the form. Each time, he filled it out, however, the Supervisor stamped it as INCORRECT! Dan began to panic and wondered if the word was supposed to be a Czech word or an English one.


Meanwhile, Meghan & Cheyne arrived at the Kryocentrum where they were instructed to strip down to their undies and go into a CRYOTHERAPY chamber. The chamber was set at 180 degrees below zero Celcius (which translates to 292 degrees below zero Fahrenheit!!!!) Teams would need to survive 2 minutes in the chamber in order to receive their next clue.

Meghan & Cheyne stripped down to undies as fast as possible. As they entered the cold chamber, we noticed that the camera did NOT follow them in, as a temperature that cold would probably break or at least disrupt the camera equipment. Although we could not see them in the chamber, we could hear Meghan shrieking in the extreme temperature. Despite the discomfort, the couple did survive for 2 minutes and received the next clue, instructing them to head to the Charles Bridge.

[iframe—Drinks-and-Pretty-Girls/embed 580 476]


After leaving the Pitstop in last place, Brian & Ericka discovered their Speedbump [that is, their penalty task for coming in last place in the previous Leg.] In this Speedbump, the team had to search for a bar called M1 and mix a 3-step recipe for ABSINTHE, then drink a shot of it!

When they arrived at M1, Brian & Ericka immediately noticed the PARTY going on in the bar, as many fine Czech ladies were dancing up on the bar!

The couple mixed the drink with ease and took their shot, which Brian did NOT exactly enjoy, as he is a non-drinker. Ericka commented that it was “the worst drink” she had ever had.

With the Speedbump now behind them, Brian & Ericka rushed to the Museum where Brian volunteered for the Roadblock.


After Big Easy decoded the 5 letters, he went into the office to unscramble them, where he found Dan still guessing incorrectly. In an effort to save both teams time and stress, Big Easy asked Dan if he would like to work together to unscramble the word. Dan excitedly agreed to this plan!

Even working together, both men kept getting the wrong answer time and time and time again. Finally, Dan wrote down “FRANZ” and showed the Supervisor, to receive his next clue.

Big Easy, thinking he and Dan had a “deal” together, asked Dan what the correct word was……and Dan wouldn’t tell him. Dan told Big Easy that the word begins with “F” but would not reveal anything further. Big Easy sadly commented, “I wouldn’t done him like that, but like I always say, You are who you are.”

As Big Easy continued to guess erroneously, Brian & Ericka arrived at the Museum. Brian volunteered for the Roadblock, quickly scored the 5 letters, and went into the office where Big Easy continued to struggle with his guesses. Brian scored “FRANZ” on just his SECOND try, leaving Big Easy in the dust.

When Ericka saw Brian emerge from the Museum, she let out a cheer of amazement! They were now BACK in the game and even AHEAD of one team.


As Big Easy continued to guess, he began to realize that he only becoming more and more confused and ineffective. He then exited the Museum to tell his partner Flight Time the bad news: that he was unable to complete the Roadblock and electing to take a 4-HOUR PENALTY. Thus, the Globetrotters had to remain at the Museum for 4-HOURS —– after which they would be allowed to race again.


At the Charles Bride, Meghan & Cheyne discovered a DETOUR. The choice was LEGEND or LAGER. In Legend, would need to build a mythological man named Golem…..that is, they had to cover a HUGE wooden Golem figure with wet clay, and then drag the figure across the city to the New Synagogue. If the figure arrived intact, they would receive their next clue. In Lager, teams would need to deliver 30 draft beers from a brewery to a bar across a busy area of the town.

[iframe—Golem-vs.-Lager/embed 580 476]

Meghan & Cheyne decided to go with LEGEND and began to cover the Golem statue with the wet clay. After they got him covered, they began to drag the statue, which proved to be VERY heavy.

Meanwhile, Sam & Dan began the LEGEND detour. As they began, they dropped their statue, breaking its arm. They were able to repair the arm with the wet clay, but the task itself was clearly rattling the brothers. As usual, the dear brothers began to BICKER, point blame, and eventually just started shouting for the other to SHUT UP!

Meghan & Cheyne then delivered their Golem to the Synagogue and scored their final clue, instructing them to head to the Pitstop at Strelecky Ostrov.


Meghan & Cheyne soon arrived at Phil’s mat to claim FIRST PLACE for the SIXTH TIME this season! For their victory, Phil rewarded the duo with a 2 HUGE LCD televisions! Cheyne remarked, “We are absolutely the best team going into the final three.”

This was not only a significant moment for this episode, but moreover a moment for the Amazing Race HISTORY BOOKS! Before this episode, only ONE team in the history of the Amazing Race had scored 6 First Place Finishes prior to the Finale —– that team being Season 13’s brother/sister combo NICK & STARR!

So how have they dominated this game so decidedly you ask???

Meghan & Cheyne’s recipe for success is a combination of their athletic ability, their amazing teamwork, and their constant drive to maintain any lead they gain over the other teams. They also seem to somehow be immune to many of the “x-factors” of the Amazing Race as well (ie bad cab drivers, inaccurate directions, etc)

As we head into the Final Episode, Meghan & Cheyne are clearly THE team to beat. Their formula has won them thousands of dollars in trips and prizes thus far….can it score them the ONE MILLION DOLLARS? Looks like we will find out next week…….

[iframe—Brotherly-Love/embed 580 476]


Back at the Detour, Brian & Ericka selected LAGER as their challenge and went off to deliver beer. On their first try, Brian put 8 glasses of beer on his tray, and Ericka put 7 on hers. As they went out on the street, the couple was immediately accosted by drunken “late night locals” who saw the beers and hoped they were free! Soonafter, the couple both dropped their trays, and the beers went smashing onto the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, the brother completed the Golem transport to claim second place and a spot in the Final 3 for the next episode. The brothers were elated but did mention that they MUST catch up with Meghan & Cheyne in the next Leg.

Brian & Ericka then decided to start carrying LESS beers, in order to evade the drunken locals. This technique was effective but SLOW, as the couple now had to make numerous trips back and forth between the brewery and the bar.


After HOURS working on the task, Brian & Ericka completed it and checked into the Mat. As they approached Phil, you could see a mix of worriment and concern in the team’s eyes. When Phil announced they were in 3rd place, Brian & Ericka ROARED with laughter and excitement. Despite their mistakes in the past Legs, this due was now in the Final 3 and true contenders for the Million Dollar Prize!


Flight Time & Big Easy sadly never recovered from the Penalty imposed when Big Easy decided he would not be able to complete the Roadblock. When they arrived at the Mat, Phil informed them that they were indeed eliminated. Big Easy remarked, “Sometimes this race can tear relationships and I think it built ours. I love Flight Time to death and hopefully me and him can be teammates for another twenty years.” Flight Time replied, “We are the Harlem Globetrotters. We go as a team and we leave as a team. We didn’t win the million dollars but the experience that we had was priceless.”


1. Meghan & Cheyne [for the 6th time this season!]
2. Sam & Dan
3. Brian & Ericka
4. Flight Time & Big Easy [ELIMINATED]


*The FINALE of the Amazing Race is already upon us. The Final 3 teams will RETURN to the United States to compete in LAS VEGAS for the coveted Million Dollar Prize!

*The brothers continue to bicker. This is wasting their energy and eroding their team unity. If they want to win next week, they MUST stay on the same page and support one another no matter what frustrating tasks lie ahead.

*Brian & Ericka are the “comeback kids!” How many times this season have you found yourself saying “I bet they are the next to go” only to have them throw it back in your face!

*Meghan & Cheyne —– can they be beaten? Time will tell next week. They are the “obvious bet” for the Finale but anything can happen in that Final Leg.


Each week, is conducting LIVE CHATS with the most recently eliminated team. Many of these chats are quite the EYE-OPENERS… not everything that happens on the Amazing Race makes it onto the televised episodes!

Check back into later this week for the upcoming LIVE CHAT with Flight Time & Big Easy….and have your questions READY!


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We will be back here with you NEXT MONDAY with our review of the Amazing Race FINALE Episode!

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