What To Watch: Monday

TOP PICK:Hoarders‘ (10pm on A&E)

If you’re one of the millions who haven’t tuned into the deliciously addictive ‘Hoarders’ yet, tonight is your chance as the second season premieres. Each 60-minute episode is a fascinating look inside the lives of two different people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they are on the verge of a personal crisis.

KEY EPISODE:House‘ (8pm ET on Fox)

When an old friend and former patient (guest star Joshua Malina) of Wilson’s exhibits paralysis in his right arm, Wilson puts himself on the case. House wagers Wilson that the patient’s symptoms are attributed to new cancer cells. Wilson accepts even though he is reluctant to believe the cancer has returned. With the help of the team, Wilson works to diagnose the patient more optimistic results, but when things take a turn for the worse, Wilson must address his inability to separate patient from friend. Meanwhile, Cuddy seeks advice in her search for real estate

WATCH: ‘Gossip Girl’ (9pm ET on The CW)

It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving on the Upper East Side if there wasn’t a serving or two of some major drama for the holiday. Blair suspects her mom has been keeping a big secret from her, but it turns out to be something else entirely. Vanessa is supposed to spend Thanksgiving with her parents, but has a fight with her mom and shows up on Dan’s doorstep. Serena is put in a very awkward position when her mother invites Trip (guest star Aaron Tveit) and Maureen to join them for Thanksgiving dinner.

DVR:Trauma‘ (9pm ET on NBC)

As a bad batch of heroin hits the streets of San Francisco, Glenn (Taylor Kinney) questions Nancy’s judgment during an encounter with a “frequent flyer” in the winter finale. Meanwhile, a bizarre theft sends Marisa (Aimee Garcia) on wild goose chase. Elsewhere, Boone contemplates his future and takes a new step, while a romance begins to take off.

DVR:Heroes‘ (8pm ET on NBC)

H.R.G. is greeted by some unexpected visitors and Samuel’s (Robert Knepper) grand plan begins to come to fruition. Meanwhile, Peter struggles to accept the truth and takes extreme measures to get what he wants. Claire’s journey leads her to an unexpected destination.

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