Between The Tweets: A Wilson-Centric ‘House,’ & A ‘Heroes’ Death

Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson. (FOX)

Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. James Wilson. (FOX)

‘House’ fans were tweeting their approval of last night’s Wilson-centric fall finale, and Robert Sean Leonard stealing the spotlight. @AnneLSchroeder commented, “What a GREAT episode. This should NOT be the last time you guys do this. RSL is fab and the perfect foil for Hugh Laurie.” @thesurfreport remarked, “Robert Sean Leonard makes me heart beat faster. He was tremendous in tonight’s #House episode. More Wilson!”

The House/Wilson relationship was also a popular topic. “I love the relationship between House and Wilson in today’s episode, especially the line ‘if you die then I’m alone,” said @AzureMoak, and @TeiraMarie tweeted, “Loved #House tonight! Really great ep – liked Wilson’s point of view! Loved that House actually cares :)”

‘Heroes‘ also had its fall finale on Monday, and although the show has failed to impress many the past couple of seasons, there were an overwhelming number of positive tweets. @Ian_Austin observed, “it’s sad that people aren’t watching #Heroes, and yet bitch about how ‘bad’ it is. Cause they’ll miss how good episodes like 412 are.” @flyboypatrick reflected, “I really don’t think I’ve felt this much during HEROES episode since Into Asylum. Maybe even as far back as Cautionary Tales.”

Hardcore fans were sad to see the departure of Nathan Petrelli, like @bradleybridgens: “Just finished watching the Fall finale of #Heroes and once again, Peter & Nathan made me cry :( RIP Nathan Petrelli.” Even Heroes’ key makeup artist Wendi Lynn Avignone (@wendilynnmakeup) chimed in this morning to say, “#Heroes was AMAZING! Great job by ALL. Nathan’s end, so noble, and sad.”

A Monday night trending tradition seems to be mixed reviews on ‘Gossip Girl.’ @abeAlberto wants to see the old Blair back, and tweeted, “Just watched Gossip Girl…I wish Blair wasn’t so happy. I get that she’s in love, but I like the broody mysterious Blair from season 1.” @annascanlon pointed out, “Love Gossip Girl, but why are all these adult men interested in leaving their wives for 18 y/o girls?” @TheRealSylar expressed, “Well last nights Gossip Girl was a HUGE disappointment…Why do ppl make the worst choices possible?”

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