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Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

Any scoop on ‘Bones‘ would be great. Mostly, we want to know for sure that there is no interest whatsoever between Booth and Brennan’s cousin Margaret (played by Zooey Deschanel). – Sarah
Worry not – there will be zero sparks flying ‘tween Margaret and Booth in the Christmas-themed episode airing December 10. But speaking of sparks, the following episode finds Angela coming clean to Hodgins about the somethin’-somethin’ she has going on with Wendell. How do you think her ex will take the news? Also on the horizon: Things get supernatural when B&B investigate the death of a horned demon!

Is anything good coming up for Bailey on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘? I enjoyed the speech she gave to her dad at Thanksgiving dinner, but it only reminded me of how rough she has had it, and for so long! – Ashley
It is entirely by design that Bailey has had to navigate such a grueling gauntlet. As series creator Shonda Rhimes explains, “We’ve put her through a lot in the past couple seasons, and part of the reason we did it is because before that we really didn’t know Bailey. She was sort of an enigma and we wanted to unearth her.” When I asked Rhimes if better days might be awaiting Bailey, she said, “I think she deserves some happiness, and Id like to see her get some.” Rhimes, however, did not offer up a timetable for the turnaround.

Maybe it’s because I’m a “mere human,” but the significance of the ‘V‘ fall finale’s big cliffhanger was lost on me. So what if there are more space ships on the way. – Teddy
I, too, was left a smidgen underwhelmed by the closing image, so I turned to Joel Gretsch to help me better appreciate it. He said the massive, incoming armada “certainly points out that there is something very important that the Vs are coming to do, and that they’ve been planning this for a long time.” Planning… what, exactly? All Gretsch would say is, “There’s a big fight coming, and maybe [the Earthlings] are more matched than they would assume.”

Any scoop about ‘Private Practice‘ characters other than Addison? – Emily
Yep, and it has literally explosive ramifications for several people. The title of the second episode of this Thursday’s double-bill is “Blow Up,” “so we all knew some s— was going down,” Chris Lowell tells me. First and foremost, Dell’s home goes kablooey, landing both his wife Heather and their daughter in the hospital. “When it first happens, there’s total panic and hysteria,” says Lowell. Then, when the cause of the blast is revealed, “It rocks Dell’s world in a bad way. After this episode, he completely loses faith in a lot of things.” Why do I sense we’ll soon be hatin’ on Heather more than usual?

I need scoop on ‘Brothers & Sisters.’ I am so sick of that rogue half-brother Ryan messing up Ojai foods and wine. When will he get his comeuppance? – tvobsessed
File this one under good news/bad news: A source assures me that Ryan will get his comeuppance… but somehow grows closer to the Walker family as the result of it! In fact, I hear that his continued presence in the Walkers’ world may wind up saving someone’s life.

Is ‘The Closer’s‘ winter premiere any good? I can’t wait to watch it! – MyMt27 via Twitter
The first of three new entries, the December 7 episode gets a thumbs-up from me, mainly because the murder case is a good and twisty one that had me guessing until the end. The episode also introduces us to Joel, a real cutie who immediately causes a bit of friction ‘tween Brenda and Fritz. There’s also a major development involving Provenza and his young fiancée.

Dollhouse‘ is back! What can you reveal about the next few episodes? – Jack
Yep, this Friday ‘Dollhouse’ begins burning off two new episodes at a pop. The first pair take us to the Washington, D.C. house, which is fronted by Ray Wise and has Summer Glau making like Topher. Do Dollhouses play nice with each other? Uh, no.  “There’s going to be conflict,” teases Tahmoh Penikett. “You will realize that the Dollhouses don’t exactly respect each other or work well together.” Sort of like rival Starbucks located a block apart? “Exactly,” Penikett says with a laugh. “But there’s ego involved, too. You’ve got different programmers with their own God complexes.”

How are ‘The Middle‘ and ‘Cougar Town‘ doing in the ratings? – Steven
Remember when ABC was second-guessed for launching four new comedies on one night? Well, save for ‘Hank,’ the Alphabet net is having the last of many, many Wednesday laughs. At 8:30, ‘The Middle’ is besting CBS’ ‘Gary Unmarried‘ in total viewers and the 18-to-49 demo, while ‘Cougar Town’ is the second-most-watched new comedy of the season (trailing only ABC’s ‘Modern Family‘). And as I recently Tweeted, ‘Cougar’ has me roaring more than ever. A really tight ensemble over there.

Not much scoop has been given on ‘CSI: NY’s‘ 10th episode, “Death House.” Got anything? – Clarissa
I’m sorry, what was the question again? I got distracted by the set-up for Episode 13, which involves a bevy of beautiful – if murderous – lingerie league football players.

I saw in Fancast’s “Between the Tweets” column that Kelly Hu got a role on ‘Vampire Diaries.’ Who is she playing? – Stephanie
Hu, who very recently guested on NCIS: LA and then NCIS proper, has been cast as Pearl, a pharmacist who, way back in the day, had a run-in with Katherine. (Credit to Spoiler TV for putting two and two together there.) Hu’s recurring run kicks off with ‘TVD’s’ second episode back, airing January 28.

Do you know what happened to ‘Defying Gravity‘? I loved that show. – Jerry
Due to middling ratings, ABC bailed on that ‘Grey’s Anatomy’-in-space mission after eight summertime episodes. At this time, a source tells me, there are no plans to broadcast or stream online the five never-seen hours. A DVD of all 13 eps, however, hits stores January 19.

Since I don’t have DirecTV, can you tell me when the new season of ‘Friday Night Lights‘ begins on NBC, and offer some scoopage on the show? – Nessa
NBC is still mum on exactly when Season 4 will make its broadcast debut, sticking with the broad timetable of “late spring or early summer 2010.” As for scoop, you are invited to check out my preview Q&A with the lovely Connie Britton.

Is it true that there will be a two-hour ‘Past Life‘ premiere in February, Matt? Hope so! – TaraSproles via Twitter
Sadly, yes – on Thursday, February 11, starting at 8/7c. I for one am (morbidly?) curious to see the second episode, if only because the pilot – despite a valiant effort from your bud and ‘All My Children‘ alumna, Kelli Giddish – seemed rather unpromising. Sorry, Tara! But hey, that could turn out to be good news for fans of the displaced ‘Fringe.’

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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