Iron Man 2 Poster Revealed

Sure, Robert Downey Jr.’s going to win hearts and minds in Sherlock Holmes, but we’re really waiting for him to explode again next year in Iron Man 2. This time, he’s got a brother-in-arms in Don Cheadle, who will be wearing the grayscale War Machine armor you can see in this new poster. It just looks badass. But we still have to wait until Sherlock hits theaters to get our first look at an actual trailer for Iron Man 2 – save for those lucky few hundreds who caught the sneak preview footage from Comic-Con. I was one of them. Let me tell you – War Machine looks even cooler in action.

Check out a bunch of photos from Iron Man 2, featuring Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow.

Flashback with clips from the first Iron Man film.

Watch more of RDJ’s earlier genius work with his mesmerizing performance in the title role of Chaplin.

You can also check out RDJ in the angelic dramedy Hearts and Souls, right here on Fancast.

Iron Man 2 (Paramount)

Iron Man 2 (Paramount)

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