Paris, Snoop and Other Celebs Pull ‘Lot’ More Pranks

Paris Hilton (CBS)

Paris Hilton (CBS)

CBS has scheduled a second serving of ‘I Get That a Lot,’ its celebrities-punking-people special, for Wednesday, January 6.

The original ‘I Get That a Lot’ aired last April Fools’ Day and featured the likes of Jessica Simpson posing as a supermarket cashier who simply looked like the famous and bodacious singer. Passers by were left to be confounded by what they thought was a celebrity run-in, but was instead a case of “mistaken identity.”

The first ‘I Get That a Lot’ topped its time slot in total viewers and several key demos.

This time around, the special finds celebutante Paris Hilton, hip-hopper Snoop Dogg and ‘Big Brother‘ host Julie Chen going (somewhat) incognito as a gas station grunt, parking lot attendant and yogurt slinger, respectively.

Regular folk also will be asked to do double takes at cooking diva Rachael Ray, KISS front man Gene Simmons and skateboard pro Tony Hawk, posing as a dry cleaner cashier, a psychic and a surf shop clerk.

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