‘Entourage’ Movie in the Works?



Mark Wahlberg had some exciting news for ‘Entourage’ fans — not only could there be two more seasons of the HBO comedy, but if he has his way it could also be on the big screen.

The movie idea was floated by Wahlberg during a red carpet interview, reports Reuters, while HBO said, “It is not out of the relm of possibility.”

If ‘Entourage’ did make it to movie theaters, it wouldn’t be the first original HBO series to do so — ‘Sex and the City’ made a Hollywood splash and is currently shooting a sequel. There were even rumors of a possible ‘Sopranos’ film, but a couple cast members killed that buzz a while back.

Of course, not all films adapted from hit TV shows have recently translated into box office success — think ‘My Favorite Martian’ or ‘McHale’s Navy.’ ‘Entourage,’ however, does have some Hollywood star power with Jeremy Piven (‘Live Hard, Sell Hard’) and Adrian Grenier (‘Devil Wears Prada’) in the mix.

Movie or not, fans can next catch ‘Entourage’ in 2010 for its seventh season.

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