‘Private Practice’ Star Promises “Wild Stuff Ahead”

Chris Lowell (ABC)

Chris Lowell (ABC)

Poor Dell Parker. After spending much of the first half of this ‘Private Practice‘ season on the periphery, he returned to the fore only to see his home erupt into a fireball thanks to his meth-cooking wife. He then faced the unenviable task of telling daughter Betsy that her mother had died.

The good news here is that the aftermath of the ABC drama’s midseason finale promises to give Chris Lowell more regular screen time, as Dell goes dark.

“He is going to be around pretty heavily after this,” Lowell promises.

Assessing his alter ego’s mangled mindset, Lowell says, “He completely loses faith in a lot of things – period. He is someone who is constantly trying to look on the bright side, but you can only withstand so many beatings before you start getting a little pissed off.”

Is Dell, now a single dad to a distraught and distrusting little girl, going to get all “emo” on us? “I don’t know that he’ll be listening to Nine Inch Nails and crying a lot,” Lowell answers. “No, it goes much further than that. What he’s feeling isn’t so much self-deprecation as an active hatred that he propels toward anyone that stands in his way.

“He just becomes rotten with anger,” Lowell adds. “He is completely defeated.”

Unlike a previous crisis that led Dell to walk away from his job at Oceanside Wellness, the lad will be sticking around this time. “I don’t think he can [quit],” Lowell says. “His house has blown up and his daughter needs him, so he’s got to survive.”

When ‘Private Practice’ returns with new episodes on January 14, “For the most part Dell’s central focus is on dealing with the consequences of what happened. But there’s also some wild stuff ahead,” Lowell says. “And then there’s some really wild stuff closer to the end of the season.”

Such as…? Lowell shrugs when pressed for details, explaining that series creator Shonda Rhimes & Co. “only like sprinkle news at you. They don’t give you anything tangible to grasp.”

Until ‘Private Practice’ resumes its season, moviegoers can spy Lowell in ‘Up in the Air,’ the George Clooney film now in expanding release and earning major kudos as awards season nears.

Lowell, who plays the assistant of Clooney’s frequently flying businessman, says, “George is the greatest guy. He tells jokes and chills out, then when they yell ‘Action’ he blows your mind. It’s not fair!”

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