The Amazing Race Blog: Kynt & Vyxsin’s Pink And Black Blast – VIVA LAS VEGAS

Meghan and Cheyne (CBS)

Meghan and Cheyne (CBS)

Hello Everyone!

Last night’s FINALE Episode of The Amazing Race took teams BACK to the USA —- where the FINISH LINE awaited in LAS VEGAS, NEVADA! What an action-packed NAIL-BITER it proved to be………Without further ado, let’s get started with today’s BLOG!


The show began with teams departing from the Pitstop in Prague, Czech Republic to finally RETURN to the USA — LAS VEGAS, NEVADA to be exact! Meghan & Cheyne, being the first team to arrive at the Pit-stop in the previous episode, were the first to depart. The airport proved to be an “equalization point” —- as all three remaining teams scored the same flight to Las Vegas.

When we heard that the Final Leg of the Race would be held in VEGAS, this really brought back some special memories for us! Since moving to the West Coast, we have appeared in Vegas 3 times —– our most recent visit was for the MAGIC Fashion Convention. It is truly one of our favorite cities in the USA.

This final location also prompted us to reflect on the eliminated “Poker Girls” Tiffany & Maria. Vegas would have been an absolutely PERFECT city for them to compete in. We can only imagine their disappointment when they heard Vegas was the finale destination. Tis a shame they were eliminated……….

Anyway, back to the episode —— when the plane touched down in Vegas, the Final 3 rushed out onto the street with an intensity unlike anything we have witnessed all season long. The first clue of the day
instructed the teams to travel by taxi to the Graceland Wedding Chapel, where Elvis himself would be waiting with their next clue.

All 3 teams arrived at the Wedding Chapel simultaneously and Elvis handed them a clue instructing them to head to the Mandalay Bay Hotel (a hotel we have had the pleasure to stay at before!)

Brian & Ericka’s taxi driver knew a “secret route” the the Mandalay and literally left the other two teams in the dust. With a significant lead over the other teams, Brian & Ericka arrived at the Mandalay where they were confronted by a ROADBLOCK.


In this week’s Roadblock, one team member would first need to make a FACE FIRST RAPPEL over 600 feet down the side of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. Ericka volunteered to tackle this final Roadblock for her team…..and she went at it with COURAGE and VIGOR! Ericka even mentioned, “There’s nothing that’s going to stop me from doing everything that I possibly can to get to this finish line first.”

As Ericka made it about halfway down the side of the building, Cheyne began his descent from the top. Cheyne, however, was much more fearful than Ericka.

When Ericka reached the ground, the duo received a clue instructing them to head to the Mirage Hotel.

Back at the Mandalay, Cheyne and Sam were rappelling down the building, but with quite different strategies. Cheyne kept his eyes CLOSED during his entire descent. Sam really seemed to ENJOY playing “Spider-Man” as he descended.

Both team members made it to the ground and rushed to catch up with Brian & Ericka.


Arrive at the Mirage Hotel in first place, Brian & Ericka discovered that they would be joining the Cirque du Soleil! One team member would be attached to bungee cords, and the other member would pull their partner and LAUNCH them into the air, to try to grab a suspended bouquet of flowers. Sounds easy right? Well the bouquet was suspended VERY high in the air, making this quite a challenge indeed.

[iframe—Feeling-the-Love/embed 580 476]

Ericka was then strapped into the bungee apparatus, and Brian began pulling her and launching her into the air…..but poor Ericka kept MISSING the bouquet.

Meghan & Cheyne soon arrived at the Cirque and Meghan began to “fly” for the bouquet…..and succeeded! They received the next clue, instructing them to find the most famous casino in Monaco (which they would need to figure out to be the Monte Cristo).

At this point, poor Ericka began to panic and basically flip-out. She screamed for her and Brian to switch positions.

Sam & Dan completed this bungee task with total ease! Ericka began to cry as her and Brian kept switching positions but still failing. Finally, Ericka flew into the air and snatched the bouquet excitedly! When they read the clue, Brian immediately knew that the “famous casino” referenced was the Monte Carlo.

Meghan & Cheyne received misinformation that the Venetian was the “famous casino” from Monaco. This allowed Sam & Dan to pass the dating blondes and arrive at the Monte Carlo in first place.


At the Monte Carlo, the FINAL CHALLENGE of the Amazing Race awaited. Brothers Sam & Dan were the first to arrive and learned they would need to count out 1 million dollars in poker chips. Teams had to select a table, which was covered in poker chips of all different denominations……count out exactly 1 millions dollars….and then have a poker dealer verify the amount.

[iframe—Mr.-Las-Vegas/embed 580 476]

Sam & Dan chose a table and smartly began to remove all of the $1,000 red chips (which were the highest denomination available). Brian & Ericka arrived and began a similar strategy…..followed by the arrival of Meghan & Cheyne (who were now in 3rd place).

As we have seen many times over the course of this season, the brothers could not help but BICKER as they took on this tedious task.

Meghan & Cheyne’s speed came into play, as they racked through the chips faster than any of the other teams. Soon, all 3 teams submitted their chips to the poker dealer for verification. Of the teams, only Meghan & Cheyne had properly counted 1 millions dollars, and were granted their next clue. This clue instructed them to travel to the MGM Grand Hotel, head up to the High Roller Suite, where Mr Las Vegas was waiting.


While the other two teams began to re-count their poker chips, Meghan & Cheyne arrived at the MGM Grand where they found WAYNE NEWTON waiting for them! Wayne told them “The Finish Line is at my house” and nothing more!

After Meghan & Cheyne departed, Sam & Dam made it to the MGM. In the “LOL moment” of the episode, the brothers couldn’t remember Wayne Newtons name.


Phil was standing at the Finish Line…..alongside the 8 eliminated teams.

Meghan & Cheyne and Sam & Dan searched for the entrance to Wayne Newton’s estate.

Meghan & Cheyne, wearing smiles so gleaming they could blind you, crossed the finish line……to win the ONE MILLION DOLLAR PRIZE! Besides the money, the dating blondes secured a historic spot in Amazing Race lore, TYING the heretofore “most dominant team ever in the Amazing Race” Nick & Starr [that is, both Meghan & Cheyne and Season 13’s Nick & Starr scored 7 first place victories].

Meghan was on cloud nine as she stated, “This is not real! I can’t even feel my body.” Cheyne replied, “The whole experience in itself was life changing. The money is not even as important as what we got to do together. It was the perfect race. It could not have been any better.”


After arriving in second place, brother Sam & Dan catharsed at the finish line. Sam gushed, “That’s what brothers are. We bicker and we pick at each other, but we know it’s not gonna matter. At the end of the day we’re still brothers. We still love each other.”


At the finish, Ericka tearfully hoped that the Race would help her family be more accepting of Brian. She mentioned, “I hope that they fully accept him as who he is. I think it’s really important that people just step back and evaluate the character of a person as opposed to what is on the exterior. It means nothing in comparison to who that person really is.”


1. Meghan & Cheyne [WINNERS]
2. Sam & Dan
3. Brian & Ericka

[iframe—Ladies-and-Gentlemen%2C-Your-Winners/embed 580 476]


Each week, is conducting LIVE CHATS with the most recently eliminated team. Many of these chats are quite the EYE-OPENERS… not everything that happens on the Amazing Race makes it onto the televised episodes!

Check back into later this week for the upcoming LIVE CHATS with the Final 3 teams……..and have your questions READY!


What a Race, what a Race, what a RACE!!!!

With the season now concluded, we will be back next week with a special wrap up!

You’ve heard OUR thoughts on the Race all season… we want to hear YOURS!!! We will conclude our coverage of the Amazing Race 15 with YOUR OPINIONS!

What did you think of the winners? The course the race followed? The eliminated teams?

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See you RIGHT HERE on next time —– DON’T MISS IT!!!

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