John Stamos Caught in Extortion Plot

John Stamos (NBC)

John Stamos (NBC)

Disappearing from Hollywood and hiding out on Broadway might keep some celebrities out of the headlines — much to their agent’s dismay — but John Stamos wasn’t so lucky when it came to an alleged extortion plot.

Currently wrapping up a stint in Broadway’s ‘Bye Bye Birdie,’ Stamos has been dealing with an FBI investigation after the ‘Full House‘ star received e-mails demanding he fork over $680,000 to keep pictures from going public that would cause harm to the 46-year-old actor’s career, according to The Smoking Gun.

The FBI has arrested Michigan residents Allison Coss, 23, and Scott Sippola, 30, in connection with the blackmail scheme.

While the FBI hasn’t released details about the photos, agents raided the alleged extortionist’s home and found three pictures of Stamos taken at a party in 2004, along with his cell phone number.

Stamos is no stranger to embarrassing party fallout. He recently admitted to being drunk during an Australian talk show appearance in 2007 — throughout the TV segment Stamos was harassing the female host.

As Hollywood is a trendsetting community, Stamos isn’t alone in the extortion club — David Letterman made headlines earlier this year for a blackmail scandal, while Cindy Crawford and John Travolta have also been fighting off similar crimes.

As for the ‘ER‘ alum, Stamos should be safe and sound as his two alleged extortionists have been ordered to cease contact with the actor.

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