‘Melrose’ Star: Murder Mystery Wrap-Up Will Satisfy

Thomas Calabro (The CW)

Thomas Calabro (The CW)

This Tuesday at 9/8c, The CW’s ‘Melrose Place‘ will wrap up the matter of “Who killed Sydney?” Thomas Calabro, one of the original ‘Melrose’ residents featured on the reboot, gave us his take on the “very satisfying” winter finale and whether Michael and Amanda might rekindle their torrid romance.

When last we tuned in, Michael was getting pinched by the cops for killing Syd. Murder mystery solved, we’re all done here?
We’re all done. Obviously he did it. Or… something else happened.

In his defense, Michael offers David information about Sydney’s actual killer. Is David skeptical of his father’s motives?
Absolutely. David is convinced that his father committed the crime, while I’m trying to convince him otherwise.

Will the resolution of the murder mystery be satisfying? Or is the killer some third-tier character we’ve met only once?
That is definitely not the case. People will be surprised, and it makes a lot of sense what goes on in the episode. I think it will be very satisfying. You will be surprised, amused and entertained.

Will the killer be sent to jail, or perhaps meet a grislier fate?
Anything can happen, especially on a show like ‘Melrose Place’ – and anything often does. The killer could go to jail, or maybe there’s not enough evidence [to convict]. It’s not just a matter of who did it, it’s if you can prove it in a court of law.

With the Sydney flashbacks largely done with after this week, are we down to just you and Heather Locklear as far as original ‘Melrose’ cast members?
No, no…. Daphne [Zuniga] comes back [as Jo], and Josie [Bissett] is back for another episode or two [as Jane].

You told me previously that Andrew Shue is a definite no as far as returning. But what about Courtney Thorne Smith?
Yeah, if she’s not otherwise engaged, which she seems to be one a pretty steady basis.

Heather could probably help get her real-life beau, Jack Wagner, to put in an appearance as Peter.
[Laughs] Yeah, she could probably help out in that area for sure.

Do you think the writers would sooner pair you and Heather up with the younger characters, rather than throw Michael and Amanda back into bed with each other?
I don’t rightly know, but the former cast seems to integrate with the young cast. So I don’t think we’re going to go off on our own “old person” storyline.

What do you think about the tonal shift ‘Melrose’ has planned moving forward?
I think it’s going to work. They’re going “old school,” adding some lightness to the scripts and the tone in general. I don’t know that Michael and his storylines thus far would lend themselves to that necessarily…

We like our Michael Mancini ruthless.
Exactly, exactly. But even in the old days, things were a bit more tongue-in-cheek. So I think it’s a good move and we’re all embracing it.

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