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Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send you questions. Here now the scoop!

What is going to happen with Hotchner on ‘Criminal Minds‘? – Heddy
I know, wasn’t Episode 100 almost hard to watch? Fancast even awarded it Best Jaw Dropper of 2009. Me, I wouldn’t blame Hotch for calling it a day now that his job has tragically hit home. But contrary to what I feel – and regardless of what goes down in this week’s episode – series boss Ed Bernero promises the Big Tease that when all is said and done, “Hotchner is going to come back stronger than ever.” Which is nice to hear.

Why hasn’t ‘Criminal Minds’ focused any storylines on JJ? We don’t we know a thing about her past, and I’m sure there’s more to her than just being a mother and a liaison. – Diane
Ed Bernero says, “It’s funny you should ask” about JJ at this time, Diane. “We’re filming a story now which is more or less driven by JJ and something from her childhood she’s kept hidden until now. It’s a surprising piece of back story.” And that is also nice to hear.

Are we going to see happy moments for ‘Grey’s Anatomy’s‘ Cristina and Owen? – bam9227 via Twitter
When ‘Grey’s’ returns on January 14, things are focused on Mark, Addison and the latest ‘Private Practice‘ crossover, but I’m hearing there still is juicy stuff for Cristina and Owen. I just wouldn’t necessarily qualify it as “happy.” One thing’s for sure: Any bumps to come will not be courtesy of Jackson the Kissing Bandit. In fact, his portrayer would like some props from Owenstina fans. “They should be embracing me, because I helped to re-kick-start what they know and love,” Jesse Williams says with a wink. Then again, should Owen learn about Jackson’s stolen smooch, even Kevin McKidd has said that things could get “ugly.” Williams says that reveal thus far “hasn’t been broached, but I’d be really surprised if it isn’t. Even if Jackson brings it up to create some brief tension.” Bad!

Did you see this IMDb page listing some 26-year-old French guy as playing “House‘s son” in Episode 22? True? – Sandy
I’m very skeptical, especially that this Sebastien Soudais is playing any actual flesh-and-blood offspring of Dr. Nasty. Poor director Greg Yaitanes has been slammed with frantic questions about this on Twitter, yet he is sticking to a firm “No comment.” A source at Fox, meanwhile, tells me he has “not heard anything even remotely related to anything resembling House having a son.” So there’s that, too.

When does ‘Chuck‘ start back? – Mandy via Facebook
‘Chuck’ launches its hard-earned Season 3 on Sunday, January 10, before settling into its familiar Mondays-at-8 time slot the following night. When I spoke to Zachary Levi backstage at NBC’s tree-lighting special, I asked him how “awesome” it will be that Captain Awesome now knows Chuck’s secret. He said  Chuck’s bro-in-law “gets wrapped up in the spy world a bit, but he’s not really super-stoked to be going on the missions. He’s more scared than he is excited.” I then asked about the new promo that reveals another person will get wind of Mr. Bartowski’s side job. Who is it? “You’ll have to watch and find out!” Zach hedged.

Not much scoop has been given on ‘CSI: NY’s‘ 10th episode, “Death House.” Got anything? – Clarisse
I must apologize. In last week’s Big Tease, I allowed myself to be “distracted” by scoop about the upcoming ‘CSI: NY’ episode concerning lingerie league football players, and I blatantly ignored your query. But I can now reveal that in this Wednesday’s “Death House,” a 911 call will lead the CSIs to discover a nearly 100-year-old corpse as they navigate a ‘Saw’-style, booby-trapped penthouse. And as they do so, “All is not as it seems,” a source tells me. Again, I’m sorry about dwelling on that “other” episode.

Will Ellen and Jo make an appearance in future ‘Supernatural‘ episodes, after what happened in “Abandon All Hope”? – Tan
While I don’t have news about Ellen and Jo somehow resurfacing, I do have something to share about Bela. Or I at least have news about Lauren Cohan, the actress who played ‘Supernatural’s’ Bela. Cohan will guest-star on the aforementioned ‘CSI: NY‘ lingerie league episode, playing one of the pigskin-tossing murder suspects. Oops, I’m dwelling.

How about some ‘Smallville‘ news? Please? – tyson0809 via Twitter
I don’t dare go another week sans ‘Smallville,’ so let’s talk about that photo of Hawkman pinning down Green Arrow in the “Absolute Justice” two-hour TV-movie. Though things may look super-tense when the heroes meet, they will ultimately reach an accord. In keeping with DC Comics lore, “They did a really good job of making them rivals,” Justin Hartley says, “and yet they realize toward the end that while they might not ever accept each other, they agree to disagree. It’s the difference between accepting someone and respecting them, like, ‘Hey, look – I don’t agree with you, but I can’t take away the fact that you’re driven, your heart is big, and you’re a good guy. I get it.'” Speaking of good guys, I hope to have a special something on another ‘Smallville’ visitor in the coming week.

I read a while back that Amanda Peet would be appearing on ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ Any news about her character? – David
When I first skimmed the script for Episode 13, in which Marshall gets surprised with a smooch from a drunk coworker named Jenkins, I thought for sure the CBS comedy would be taking “bromance” to a new level. But nope, the very female Peet is the one playing Jenkins. So now I’m all, “Way to go, Mr. Eriksen! Send yourself some more free wings from your future self!”

I like the Denise and Drew storyline on ‘Scrubs.’ Are they the new J.D. and Elliott (meaning they’ll be on again/off again) or the new Turk and Carla (meaning a mostly solid relationship, marriage, babies, etc;)? – Sarah
According to series creator/rehabilitator Bill Lawrence, it’s the latter. “Think Turk and Carla,” he tells the Big Tease.

Last year on ‘Desperate Housewives,’ Susan worked as a teacher’s aid and ex-husband Karl’s son was one of her students. This season, Karl has a more prominent role… but what happened to his son? – Jan
Good question – and I presumed that the fallout of this Sunday’s plane crash will turn up some news about Karl’s kid, if only because… well, you know. Sources tell me, however, that the rugrat is going to remain MIA for the time being.

January 13th is too far away! Got any ‘Leverage‘ scoop for me in the meantime? – Holly
My love for ‘Leverage’ is only eclipsed by my love for Leverage Beverage, the series-branded cans of Red Bull the show sent to us press wonks last season. (That is a hint for more, my TNT pals!) On the guest-star front, Jeri Ryan will return for a half dozen episodes, while Luke Perry will deliver a chilling turn as a con artist posing as a psychic. As for hot plots, wait until you see what happens when Nate’s ex wife gets thrown into a Zanzibar prison. (Alas, it doesn’t involve Cybil Danning.)

Do you think that ABC would consider a strong sci-fi Tuesday lineup of ‘FlashForward,’ ‘Lost‘ and ‘V‘? It would certainly help with the ratings, in my opinion. – Jo via Facebook
At first blush I like your thinking, but then I ask: What did Joseph Fiennes ever do to you that you’re making his touch-and-go freshman series compete with the ‘Idol‘ machine?! No, I suspect ABC is plenty content pitting the ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ results show against Simon et al.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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