‘Glee’ Update: Idina Menzel in Talks to Join Show

Idina Menzel (William Thomas Cain /Getty Images)

Idina Menzel (William Thomas Cain /Getty Images)

Remember that utterly piece of perfect TV casting I teased earlier this month? Well, it is now one additional step closer to happening. Tony winner Idina Menzel is in advanced talks to join Fox’s ‘Glee’ in a recurring role.

There is a small twist, however.

Despite the fervent wants and wishes of Gleeks everywhere, sources tell me that Menzel would not be playing the biological mom of look-alike Lea Michele’s Rachel. Instead, the Broadway vet would play the director of Vocal Adrenaline, the rival choir New Directions will face off against later this season.

Offsetting that one minor let-down is the very good news that as Will’s counterpart, Menzel is poised to appear in all nine of the episodes left to air following Wednesday’s winter finale. (Dear TV gods: Is there any way that Kristin Chenoweth can return to ‘Glee’ during Menzel’s run and give us a wonderful ‘Wicked’ reunion? Signed, Matt.)

Menzel’s fandom of ‘Glee’ is no surprise to Fancast readers. ‘Private Practice‘ star Taye Diggs told me just last week that both he and his real-life wife are huge supporters of the show, and have crossed paths with series lead Michele at theater biz events.

Diggs at the time shared that Menzel “would love” to guest on ‘Glee,’ and he himself agreed that her appearance on the show would be “awesome.”

‘Glee’ resumes its freshman run after what promises to feel like an interminable four-month break, on April 13.

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