Josh Brolin Up For ‘Men In Black 3’

by | December 9, 2009 at 9:00 PM | The Movies

Josh Brolin is currently being considered for a role in the recently announced Men In Black 3, which will bring back Will Smith and possibly director Barry Sonnenfeld, but will be scripted by Etan Cohen, who is not one of the Coen Brothers but rather the guy who brought us the gloriously insane Tropic Thunder. No idea what kind of role he’ll be playing yet, but if they get crazy enough with the sci-fi plot elements and they needed someone to play a younger version of Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K, they could do a lot worse.

In other homophonic name related news, Brolin’s also going to be starring in a remake of John Wayne’s True Grit, which is being directed by Ethan Coen (who IS one of the Coen Brothers) and Joel Coen. What a difference an H placement makes.

Check out a very young Josh Brolin in the 80s skater flick Thrashin’, or as the bad guy in The Mod Squad.