Has ‘Heroes’ Truly Seen the Last of Adrian Pasdar?

Adrian Pasdar (NBC)

Adrian Pasdar (NBC)

As seen in the final ‘Heroes’ episode of 2009, Nathan Petrelli is now – more than ever – truly and sincerely dead. But is that necessarily the last the show’s fans have seen of beloved original cast member Adrian Pasdar?

After all, the NBC series has a habit of finding ways to keep its actors around, death be damned. For example, Pasdar could easily be called upon to shoot a scene that takes place in the past, as Hiro flits around time.

Fancast asked ‘Heroes‘ creator Tim Kring if Pasdar is in fact done with the show, at least for the remainder of Season 4. He told us, “That is correct. And we are shooting the last episode right now, so I can say that with complete clarity.”

Kring has no regrets about dispensing with Nathan in Episode 12. “We started discussing it at the end of last season, when we actually killed the character,” he explains, “so it really just became a matter of how and when.”

The writers initially aimed to keep Pasdar around through all 19 of this season’s episodes, “but sometimes you can’t stretch stories like taffy,” Kring says. “You realize, ‘We’re treading water here, and we need to make a decision.'”

The decision to part ways with Pasdar the actor, however, “was tough,” Kring admits.

“On every show I’ve been on, there are actors that become leaders,” he says, “and Adrian has been a terrific guy and a friend. That made this doubly difficult.”

Previewing the show’s January 11 return (‘Heroes’ will now air Mondays at 9/8c, leading out of ‘Chuck‘), Kring says that Samuel’s seemingly sinister plan will “crank up and build to a crescendo,” while Peter rebounds from Nathan’s final exit by seeking out Claire, who has just joined up with the carnival.

“They are able to sort of bond over the loss of their brother and father,” Kring says. “So you will see those stories start to collide.”

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