‘Hell’ for Gordon Ramsay: He’s Broke

Chef Gordon Ramsay (FOX)

Chef Gordon Ramsay (FOX)

Fans wouldn’t know it by watching him on ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ or ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ but celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay faced a very tough 2009, according to Bloomberg.com.

In the fall of 2008, his company, Gordon Ramsay Holdings, Ltd. breached a multi-million dollar loan, almost causing it to go bankrupt.

Ramsay, always the tough-talking, vulgar Scot that he is, told the site, “There was no f—ing way that was ever going to happen … That was never even an option.”

The chef, who has won 12 Michelin stars, owns several restaurants worldwide, and stars in shows both in the U.S. and overseas, was able to prevent bankruptcy by making some cutbacks in restaurant spending, including “shutting restaurants, eliminating floral displays and serving lower-quality meat,” according to the New York Post.

“Everything was on the line,” Ramsay told Bloomberg. “December, January, February and March [2009] were the most highly pressurized, s–tiest, most awful four months I’ve ever had in business.”

Ramsay, who built his own empire from the ground up, says it’s his impoverished childhood and how far he has come that keeps him motivated.

“Trust me,” Ramsay says. “That’s enough to keep anyone f—ing moving a thousand miles an hour.”

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