Jenna Morasca: The Best Gifts Come From The Heart

(Rob Loud, Getty Images)

(Rob Loud, Getty Images)

{Here’s the latest installment of former ‘Survivor‘ winner Jenna Morasca’s series of posts about her role as caregiver in fellow ‘Survivor’ winner and longtime boyfriend Ethan Zohn’s battle with cancer.]
Why are cancer patients so hard to buy for? This question always puzzles me. When people are healthy things are so simple, including gift buying. A jaunt to the local mall or a day in front of the TV watching QVC can be just enough for all the loved ones on your list. After all who doesn’t need another computer cleaner, wax that removes all scratches, and super sonic pet hair remover?

But when a loved one gets ill even the simplest things such as buying Christmas gifts becomes hard. When you see how fragile and delicate life can be all else fades into the background. For example, the other day I lost my wallet, now in normal life this would be a stage 4 disaster. I would be screaming and yelling at everyone within 50 yards of me. I would be in mourning over all the things that were in my wallet that I could “never replace”. OH it would be the end of the world.

But now things as this seem silly to get upset over. After all why is a wallet so important anyways, all the things that are really valuable to me are with me all the time and very hard to lose, because they are people!

Every time I am stuck in traffic, stub my toe, get a middle seat on the flight I just remember how all of this is just a blip in the radar of my life. Time will march on and to be honest (and I know it sounds cheesy) I just want to enjoy all the people in my life as much as I can.

After all I am not getting any younger unfortunately (is it weird I put a time reversing serum on my Christmas list this year). So that is why when I asked Ethan what he wanted for Christmas I got a blank look. Now Ethan is notorious for being hard to buy for, so this current situation has made buying a gift for him like finding a unicorn. He always has said things like “Oh I don’t need anything” or “I don’t really want anything for Christmas,” and shockingly enough he MEANS IT!

Then I usually proceed to yell at him and tell him to get in the spirit and if he doesn’t tell me what he wants I will buy him what I choose. (Those are the things that are still in their box two years later).

But this year what he wants is something the universe is going to give him, something that I can only contribute to not give solely myself, and that is his health. This year things really are put into perspective, that the best things in life really can’t be gift wrapped and slapped with a bow.

Now don’t get me wrong I still LOVE giving gifts and trust me I am cruising the web right now for gifts for Ethan, but sometimes the best gifts are ones that come from the heart, ones that don’t need a label and clear tape. These are the gifts that warm your heart throughout the years when you draw on memories.

And PS – I found my wallet after all. Go figure! Good thing I didn’t freak out or it all would have been for nothing.

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