Tracy Morgan & Bruce Willis ‘Cop Out’

by | December 14, 2009 at 7:07 PM | The Movies

An amusing little controversy has surrounded the upcoming buddy-cop comedy starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, as directed by Kevin Smith. The original title of this film about a pair of detectives was A Couple of Dicks. While that’s pretty funny, one can see why that might not fly with a distributor like Warner Bros. The word now is that the new title is still a play on words – just a much less tawdry one. Cop Out. It still implies some comedy, perhaps some kind of subversion/reinvigoration of the much beloved genre (seriously, who wouldn’t want to watch Morgan and Willis screwing around?), but there’s no blunt eye-grabbing nomenclature anymore. Ah, well. Hopefully when the trailer comes out with Sherlock Holmes, there will be enough to grab eyes anyway.

While we’re waiting, check out this awesome earlier instance of Bruce Willis teaming up with a comedian for buddy-action, The Last Boy Scout.