What To Watch: Tuesday

TOP PICK:Paranormal State‘ (10pm on A&E)

A&E continues to chronicle the case files of the Paranormal Research Society (PRS), a renowned group that began with Penn State University College Students in the new season of this dramatic real-life series. Ryan Buell, the director/founder of PRS, and his team of investigators delve into other worlds to solve a their most severe client cases. The team uses a cache of resources including Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) recordings, client interviews, video documentation, cutting-edge technologies, old-fashioned research and the help from outside experts such as renowned psychics and demonologists.


As the courtyard is being transformed with holiday decorations, the NCIS team races to solve the murder of a Marine by an exploding cell phone and to find the remaining men of his former EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) unit before another deadly explosion kills someone else.

WATCH:Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal‘ (9pm on A&E)

Your child comes to you and says “I see dead people.” What do you do? Season 2 of this series will continue to answer that question. Countless children live with an incredible secret: they have psychic abilities. Feeling scared and isolated, these kids have nowhere to turn…until now. Help is on the way in the form of Psychic/Mediums Chip Coffey, Chris Fleming and Kim Russo — who themselves grew up with these senses — and licensed therapist Edy Nathan.

DVR:So You Think You Can Dance‘ (8pm ET on Fox)

The passion, point and pas de bourres have reached their peak this season, and the Top 6 dancers must leave it all on the dance floor during their final performances. This is the last chance to hit their marks, land their jumps and convince the judges and viewers they have what it takes to be America’s Favorite Dancer. Watch who outshines the rest on Part 1 of the two-night season finale.

DVR:Better Off Ted‘ (9:30pm ET on ABC)

When a wave of layoff hits Veridian and little Rose seems to have inside info because of a friend in her Hive playgroup, Veronica tries to pump her for information, much to Ted’s disapproval. Meanwhile, Linda is elated to sell her first children’s book — until someone points out that her lead character, a lemur, is the spitting image of Phil — and Lem starts a passionate affair with one of the company lawyers.

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