AFI Announces Top Ten Movies of the Year

by | December 15, 2009 at 4:33 AM | TV News

The American Film Institute has announced their choices for the top ten movies of 2009. They aren’t ranked, they are simply a group of ten films, listed and sampled below in alphabetical order. Take a look, remind yourself of what you saw months ago, or what you still need to find time to go see, or what you’re still waiting to expand into a theater near you. Do you agree with these choices? What got robbed? Which one doesn’t belong? What do you think?

The AFI Top Ten are: Coraline, The Hangover, The Hurt Locker, The Messenger, Precious, A Serious Man, A Single Man, Sugar, Up, Up In The Air.

Tis the season to be speculating wildly about trophy candidates. Let opinion ring!