‘The Beautiful Life’ Finds New Life on the Web

Mischa Barton (CW)

Mischa Barton (CW)

‘The Beautiful Life: TBL’ didn’t deliver pretty numbers during its blink-and-you-missed-it run on The CW, but series creator Ashton Kutcher hopes to prove something by relocating the fashion-centric drama to YouTube.

Starting Thursday, December 17, the video-sharing site will unspool ‘The Beautiful Life’s’ first two hours, which were already broadcast on The CW, as well as three episodes that never made it to air.

In a video posted to YouTube.com/TBL, Kutcher says, “We put this show on TV… nobody knew it was on, so the rating on the TV wasn’t happening.”

And how. Despite premiering on the heels of series lead Mischa Barton’s much-publicized (and semi-mysterious) hospital visit, ‘TBL’ averaged a mere 1.25 million viewers in its two outings.

Kutcher, however, thinks the viral nature of the Internet can make a positive example of ‘TBL’ by pumping up its audience.

“I want this to be the first show ever that gets more viewers on the web than it got on terrestrial television,” he says.

The five ‘Beautiful Life’ episodes will be presented commercial-free on YouTube, due to a sponsorship by HP.

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