The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘Grey’s,’ ‘CSI: NY’ and More!

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send you questions. Here now the scoop!

Now that ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘s’ Ellen Pompeo is back from maternity leave, are we going to see more Meredith and Derek interaction? – Lori
Yes, though perhaps not as much as Derek would like. See, he’s still grappling with all this upheaval at Seattle Grace, but because of Mer’s ties to the Chief, McDreamy will need to bend someone else’s ear. “Derek feels like he’s kind of in a vacuum, and he needs another set of eyes on the problem,” Kevin McKidd told me. Said eyes belong to a certain redheaded war vet. Previewing the gents’ bonding experience, McKidd says, “Sometimes you need an outside view to determine if you’re on the right track or not, and Owen provides Derek that service in a way.”

I will trade you a hot kiss under the mistletoe for some good Cristina/Owen spoilers. Not vague spoilers, but good ones! – SaintDuchess via Twitter
Due to overwhelming demand, I presented Kevin McKidd with that rumor making rounds, about something explosive awaiting your couple when ‘Grey’s’ returns on January 14. He confirmed that “in the next couple episodes there are some pretty explosive things that happen. Almost straight out of the gate, big things happen.” I asked KMK if these “things” were of a personal or professional nature. He spilled, “It’s kind of both” before shutting down for fear of retribution from boss lady Shonda Rhimes. Now take note, Kevin was being vague, not me. Is the kiss still on the table?

Carmine Giovinazzo is writing an episode of ‘CSI: NY.’ Do you have any scoop on that, aside from it being ‘Twilight’-esque? – Clarisse
You are referring to “Sanguine Love,” the episode I mentioned in last week’s column. Tentatively slated to air at the end of January, Giovinazzo’s script finds Danny helping out with the case of a girl seemingly killed by the leader of a vampire haven. Speaking of Dannys, Michael Graziadei – aka Daniel Romalotti on CBS’ ‘The Young and the Restless’ – guest stars in the episode as one of the deceased’s beaus.

Do you have any new scoop on Kristin Kreuk‘s ‘Chuck‘ character? – Zachary via Twitter
Only that the ‘Smallville’ alumna made a “super” impression on both Chuck Bartowski and the ‘Chuck’ bosses. Asked to detail what draws his alter ego to brunette beauty Hannah, Zachary Levi told me, “They’re both tech geeks. They’re both into that world where they know how to reboot servers off of backup script.” Plus, Zach had to add, “She’s smoking hot.” Kreuk filmed three episodes, starting with this season’s fifth, “and I believe there’s talk of maybe getting her back,” Zach said.

I’m excited for ‘Leverage‘ to return, but are we ever going to see Sophie again? Or is Jeri Ryan her full-time replacement? – Chris
Ryan is only stepping in as master grifter for these next six episodes (starting January 13), while Gina Bellman wraps up her maternity leave. Then it’ll be back to shady business as usual for Nate’s original crew. “Gina is doing great and she’s very excited to get back into the show,” Timothy Hutton says of the new mom. “We’re all meeting up at the end of February” to start work on Season 3.

I just discovered CBS’ ‘Gary Unmarried‘ this fall and really love it. Any scoop? – Donna
‘Gary’ really is a lot of fun – especially in an upcoming episode where he engages in a turf battle with the radio station’s Cat Lady. On the guest star front, watch for funny man David Koechner (‘Hank’ ‘The Office’) to play an old high school rival of Gary’s later this season.

Any ‘Supernatural‘ scoop? The annual “hellatus” is killing me! – Rosa
This is kinda cool: TNT, which recently nabbed syndication rights to the show, has announced a January 4 premiere date, beginning with the series pilot. Episodes will unspool weekdays at 10 am EST. Also on tap at TNT is a marathon of classic Winchester capers. On February 15, starting at 9 am, you’ll get “Tall Tales,” “Hollywood Babylon,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” “Bad Day at Black Rock,” “Mystery Spot” (love that one), “Monster Movie,” “Yellow Fever,” “Criss Angel is a Douchebag” (best title ever), “After School Special” and “The Monster at the End of This Book.”

Has anybody confirmed this ‘Vampire Diaries’ casting rumor with The CW or Brandon Quinn himself? – cestwhat via Twitter
Yep, Quinn (‘Big Wolf on Campus’) will be appearing in the next new episode, “Bloodline,” airing January 21 – and only that episode. (Meaning he’s stopping by for a “bite”?) That’s the same episode in which we meet witchy woman Bree (played by Whedonverse alum Gina Torres) and Alaric’s wife, Isobel (‘The L Word’s’ Mia Kirshner).

Is ‘Life Unexpected‘ a tearjerker? I don’t want to get into it if it’s one of those shows that leave you in a mess. – Lukki_Star via Twitter
I Tweeted something to that effect as I screened the first few episodes of this new CW drama, but don’t be off-put. ‘Life Unexpected’ tugs at the heartstrings in the best of ways, making you instantly hope that career foster kid Lux will somehow cobble together a family unit out of her biological ‘rents – an irresponsible bar owner and the commitment-phobe radio DJ he impregnated back in high school. The show premieres Monday, January 18, at 9/8c.

Why has Lonny Ross apparently been written off ‘30 Rock‘? I thought it was going to be a season-long running gag about him quitting ‘TGS’ but not really leaving, but he seems to have left the show for reals. – TV Gord
A show rep tells me that Ross is a recurring player this season and as such (the old publicity chestnut goes), “He can appear at any time.” Alas, I’m hearing that he’s not slated to appear in any imminent episodes.

When does the new season start for ‘Burn Notice‘? And is ‘Flashpoint‘ coming back on in the New Year? Those are two of my favorite shows. – Sue
USA Network’s ‘Burn Notice’ will launch Season 3.5 on January 21. ‘Flashpoint,’ meanwhile, did get a Season 2 order from CBS, but at this time it has no premiere date. “Summer 2010” is perhaps the earliest it will return.

Hey, Matt! I heard Emmanuelle Vaugier‘s going to be on Fox’s ‘Human Target.’ Got anything on that? – madejlaf via Twitter
Um, yeah – and thanks!

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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