‘Twilight’ … the Reality Series?

'Twilight's' Edward and Bella (Summit Entertainment)

'Twilight's' Edward and Bella (Summit Entertainment)

Before you get too excited, this has nothing to do with chronicling the lives of hot-blooded vampires. Or stalking Robert Pattinson in real-life. But the now-infamous town of Forks, WA, could be getting its own show, according to The Wrap.

Due to the ‘Twi-hards’ that have shown support for all things vampire, Edward Cullen and ‘Twilight’ related, producer Zig Gauthier wants to create a reality series that will “peel back another layer of the onion that is Forks and see what the real people there are like.”

‘Twilight’ author Stephanie Meyers used the small town of Forks as the backdrop for her uber-popular series of teen books, but the films were actually shot predominantly outside of Washington.

So do people even care about this town of 3,000 residents? According to the site, tourism has been way up in recent years due to the cult following, aka, Twi-Hards. The small town went from 8,000 tourists a year to now a whopping 67,000. That definitely shows some interest.

The locals are a bit skeptical of the series since nobody really knows if it’s going to be formatted like “The Real Housewives” – chronicling a few interesting people – or following around a group of high-schoolers in an attempt to find the “Bella” of the school.

“It’s pretty hard to imagine the concept,” Mike Gurling, who manages the visitor center for the Forks Chamber of Commerce told The Wrap. “This is a really small logging town. If you were to compare what happens here to Las Vegas or Los Angeles, it’s hard for us to believe there’s enough interesting content for a show… If it’s hokey or embarrassing, my personal impression is that’s not something we’d want to see.”

But Gauthier has no intention of being disrespectful to the tiny hamlet. “I do expect some people to be resistant. But we want to be respectful of what the town has gone through. I think we’re making our best effort to make this a good experience.”

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