Jenna Morasca: 12 Christmas Wishes

In 2006 (Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

In 2006 (Evan Agostini/Getty Images)

With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, I want to wish all of my loyal readers a Merry Christmas.  Being this is my all time favorite time of the year it has a very special place in my heart.  Christmas holds so many fond memories for me.  Memories of my dad decorating like crazy, the seven fish fry at my Aunt Annette’s, spirited rounds of the game “spoons” (my uncle broke his hand playing one Christmas it gets so intense), and fond memories of my mom holding me close as she sang Twas the Night Before Christmas to me.

There are so many memories it makes my heart sing just thinking of them.  Recently Ethan started to make some more new Christmas memories with me.  Ethan would regularly make the sepoloa dough for the fish fry, help hang the Christmas tree ornaments, and wrap a big dog biscuit with me for my dog Rocky (he loves opening gifts).  Needless to say this Christmas will be a different one, and one we will never forget.  As this Christmas Ethan will be in the hospital fighting and winning the biggest battle of his life.  So in light of that I made a “list” of the things I want from Santa.  So Mr. Claus here it goes:

1.)   Health for everyone.  No more needles, tests, and chemo for all.  Can you do that Claus?

2.)   NYC home pricing to be cheaper.  After all, loving NYC has its price and it’s big.

3.)   All of my friends and family to be paid more for working there assess off everyday at their jobs.  Hard work is impossible to find and my circle really excels at their jobs.

4.)   4 days at Disney World.  After a stem cell transplant the obvious choice for a next vacation is clearly the happiest place on earth.

5.)   TIVO that can be programmed from my phone.  This is to avoid the “oh crap” moment when I am reading the TV section of the NY Post and realize I forget to tape something and I am not home.

6.)   Every vitamin I ever take in ONE pill.  Can we combine fish oil, vitamin D, vitamin B, and Spirulina all in one? Taking 16 pills a day is annoying – but I do it.

7.)   S Factor classes that are every day of the week.  S Factor is like my therapy and sometimes I have more “demons” to work out in class than a once a week class can handle.

8.)   My friends to never leave NYC. I just don’t know what I would do without them.

9.)   My Dad to learn how to use Skype so we can see each other when we talk.  I know this is a long shot Santa but I figured I should try.

10.)   To find horseback riding in NYC.  It’s a love and passion of mine.  If it were up to me I would horseback ride into the sunset all day.  Yehaw!

11.)   This time next year stem cell transplants and cancer are all too distant words for me.

12.)   That all of my readers have just an amazing 2010 as I am going to have.

So this Christmas hold your family a little tighter, eat an extra Christmas cookie, go sit with your grandparent/s and listen to them retell stories of when you were younger.  Because these memories are truly the ones that will last a lifetime, and life is to precious to take any day for granted.

Merry Christmas.

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