The Big Tease: Scoop on ‘Housewives’ and Much More!

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send you questions. Here now the scoop!

Will the ‘Desperate Housewives‘ plane crash have any real ramifications? The whole thing screamed “sweeps stunt” to me. – Randee
I’ll tell you this: The episode airing January 3, during which each Housewife imagines “What if…” scenarios in the wake of the Wisteria Lane tragedy, is 75 percent weightless piffle. But the 25 percent that isn’t is downright gangbusters drama, featuring some of the very best work done by two of the original cast members. Even if you think you know what’s coming, the waterworks are still gonna be gushing. So, short answer: Yes, real ramifications.

Please, some scoop on ‘The Good Wife‘! I’ll take anything! – shinygilmore via Twitter
When the show returns with new episodes on January 5, not only does Craig Bierko (‘Boston Legal’) guest-star as an ill-fated cable news blowhard, but also Titus Welliver (‘Deadwood’) reprises his role of State’s Attorney Glenn Childs. The following week, you’d be advised to stand back as Alicia discloses something to Peter that will trigger a Big uproar.

What happens on ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ between Owen and Cristina that makes Owen sing a sad song in an upcoming webisode? – Iris
Yes, Owen croons a bluesy tune when Kevin McKidd makes a tiny cameo in the final, January 21 installment of ‘Seattle Grace: On Call,’ but try not to read too much into it. “It kind of ties in loosely with the [‘Grey’s’] episode airing that night – but very loosely,” McKidd told me. The multi-talented Scot says the tune he was given to sing was “a really nice number” – and, more importantly, written by someone other than him! “Initially they asked me to write something,” KMK shares with a chuckle, “and I was like, ‘There’s no way I’m going to sit on network television and sing a song I wrote in my bedroom.'”

Any early thoughts on the new season of ‘24‘? – David
As I raved on Facebook, there’s nary a clinker in the first four hours as Season 8 gets off to a solid start. That said, Mykelti Williamson’s Brian Hastings has got to be one of the most dense CTU directors in ’24’ history; I want to punch the guy. Also, I had to suppress a snort over Jack’s 10-minute drive from Manhattan to Queens. But CTU analyst Dana Walsh (played by ‘Battlestar Galactica’ alum Katee Sackhoff) is poised to have one of the “better” B-stories in a while, revolving around a creeptastic ex-beau.

Violet is on the outs with Pete, because she slept with Addison’s dad. Charlotte is on the outs with Cooper…. Dare this ‘Private Practice‘ fan hope for a Coop-Violet reunion? I assumed Shonda Rhimes had given up on that pairing. – Sloan
Shonda has given up on nothing, especially another go at that originally teased twosome. “For all intents and purposes, the show for me is only in its second season,” Rhimes told me, “so we’re still in the process of finding out what works and feeling around for where the chemistries lie.” Ergo, Rhimes’ advice to the patient Cooper-Violet ‘shippers is, “Never say never.”

This season on ‘Criminal Minds,’ it appears that JJ and Emily have switched roles in regards to how they’re responding to the cases they’re taking. In the past, Emily was more controlled/compartmentalized and JJ more emotional. Is the switching of roles intentional or perceived? – Shawn
Responding on behalf of the show he created, Ed Bernero says, “I’m not sure we agree that their roles have changed. JJ, though she has always been ‘tougher’ than anyone else, was always the character more apt to display compassion, because it is part of her job to do the most interaction with family and with stressed cops. As far as Emily, we think she’s still the tough, controlled cop she always was, though as an only child she’s becoming much more used to operating within the family and caring about other people – i.e. the team.” Sounds like “perceived” to me, Shawn.

What’s up with Anna Belknap‘s lack of screen time so far this season on ‘CSI: NY‘? Should the Danny/Lindsay fans worry? – Tasha
I agree, the show has been a bit Lindsay-light this season. While a rep for Belknap declined to comment on the lack of screen time, a CBS source assures me the actress is still a series regular and that Lindsay does appear in upcoming scripts. Conspiracy averted…?

Why is Zatanna kissing Clark in the latest ‘Smallville‘ promo? – Kassie
Pretty hot, amiright? I won’t get into the why of the “Warrior” kiss, but I can assure you that Lois does not take kindly to the sexy spellcaster (returning guest star Serinda Swan) swapping spit with her super man. What’s a gal to do, you ask? Well, in that same January 29 episode – which takes place at a Comic-Con-like convention – don’t be surprised to see Lois don a costume, à la her Blurry beau.

I’m still miffed that ‘Three Rivers‘ was canceled. Are we ever going to see the unaired episodes? – Stephanie
At this time CBS has no plans to burn off those last episodes. But knowing how avid Alex O’Loughlin‘s fans can be, I’m actively laboring to get him a new gig. The first show in my crosshairs: NBC’s ‘Chuck.’ “That could be very good,” Yvonne Strahovski concurred when I suggested that her longtime Aussie pal drop by, perhaps as a new dude to make Chuck jealous. “Yeah, that’s a fun idea!” she added. Hey, I’m trying.

Why did you say on Facebook that Hayley and Mateo’s return to ‘All My Children‘ is “awkward”? – totallyrosalie via Twitter
Make no mistake, it’s great to see the Santoses return for the soap’s 40th anniversary, airing January 4 and 5. The set-up has Hayley, as host of the nationally syndicated ‘The Wave,’ interviewing past and present Pine Valley residents about what makes their sleepy berg so special – aside from the inland ocean, that is. What makes things awkward is that their homecoming is loaded with exposition, reunions, and clumsy introductions. (At least Hayley gets to make a fun Annie/Arlene comparison!) And then there’s the air-kiss ‘tween Kelly and Cameron, while Mark hovers close by…. But hey, that’s all gossipy water under the bridge, right?

That’s all for now, Fancast fans! The Big Tease might take a little break next week, then return January 12. Whatever the case, be sure to send your requests for scoop or answers to burning questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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