What To Watch: Monday

TOP PICK:The Bachelor‘ (8pm ET on ABC)

Jake Pavelka is out to prove that nice guys don’t always finish last in love. The handsome commercial pilot from Dallas — and America’s most hopeful romantic — begins his own bid for true love, choosing from among 25 beautiful bachelorettes. A fan favorite for his sincerity, charm and his dream of finding true love not to mention his hunky good looks — viewers were stunned when Jillian rejected Jake right before the hometown dates on last season’s ‘The Bachelorette.’ Jake’s fairytale-like experience falling for Jillian made him confident that he can find the love of his life on ‘The Bachelor.’ Now it’s his time. Jake knows himself well enough to know that he’s not made to live alone. He just needs to find the right woman — his best friend and soul mate and that’s whom he’ll marry. Searching for a woman who is intelligent, confident, energetic and spontaneous, he admits that he can’t wait for fatherhood.

KEY EPISODE:Heroes‘ (8pm ET on NBC)

As Claire becomes immersed into the world of the Carnival, she becomes increasingly suspicious of Samuel’s motives. Hiro is on a mission to rescue one of his own, but has difficulty communicating his intentions to Ando. Samuel has his sight set on Emma (guest star Deanne Bray) and her ability to complete his master plan. Meanwhile, Sylar returns to the Carnival in search of answers and Peter continues to struggle with the loss of his brother. Elsewhere, H.R.G. sets his plan in motion to take down the carnival.

WATCH:Conveyor Belt Of Love‘ (10pm ET on ABC)

In this hilarious and fast-paced one-hour special, one by one the 30 men are presented on the “Conveyor Belt of Love” to the five women and given 60 seconds to impress them. If a woman is interested in someone, that man will step aside and wait as the rest of the men go by. But if another man comes by on the belt who seems better than that woman’s first choice, she can swap out the man waiting off of the belt as many times as she wants until the last man has passed by.

DVR:Secret Life of the American Teenager‘ (8pm on ABC Family)

In the season premiere, Amy and Anne decide to take their babies and escape their problems by going on vacation — and things back at home start to fall apart in their absence. George struggles to come to terms with the fact that Robie might not be his son. Ben’s Italian girlfriend pays him a visit and hes sick thinking about Amy’s reaction — he can’t decide if he wants to be with Amy or if he wants to be a normal teenager and date other girls. Grace and Jack hash out their relationship problems and Grace reveals that she kissed Jason, but only after Jack confesses to kissing Madison.

DVR: Make It Or Break It‘ (9pm on ABC Family)

Following her victory at Nationals, Kaylie is thrust into the media spotlight, alongside Nicky Russo the Men’s National silver medalist in the season premiere. Emily and Lauren have also secured spots on the National Team, which leaves Payson depressed that she’s not celebrating with her friends. And when Nicky returns to Payson’s locker to remove the cortisone he gave her, Lauren greets him and tells him she’s put it in a safe place. Will Lauren rat on Nicky and Payson?

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